Our friend Simon over at Vita Player has been telling us about the great games that are on Playstation Mobile at the moment. Then Retr0gen, one of our followers on Twitter, told us to check out a game called Nunnageddon. We’re so glad he did. Nunnageddon is seriously addictive. We wanted to know more, so we caught up with Daniel Scales, Creator of Nunnageddon to ask a few questions:

For people who have not seen it yet, what type of game is Nunnageddon?

Nunnageddon is an intense action game, and a great challenge. Designed to
be frantic, and a great pick up and play game.

We love Nunnageddon here at Punk and Lizard – it’s so addictive, I
literally stayed up till 2am last night trying to get higher on the
leaderboards! 🙂 When did you first get the idea for Nunnageddon?

Really glad you like it! Actually, I always joked about making a game about
Nuns, and I set off to the Norwich Indie Game Jam with that in mind. The
gameplay came from the themes that were picked actually – Subterranean and
Sky – and that’s where the hiding underground came in!

How long does it take to make a game like Nunnageddon?

The gameplay for Nunnageddon didn’t take me very long to make at all – as I
said, the base of the game was created in a 24 hour GameJam in December.
What took the time was polishing the gameplay, and the graphics and sounds
from Dan Pearce (@GameDesignDan) and Tim (@Trurkowski). Overall, the development
process for Nunnageddon took about a month – the main thing that got in the
way of releasing earlier was the application process. Not having all the
devices that the game needs to run on, we ran in to a few issues that we
couldn’t find on the Vita.

Playstation Mobile is really gaining some awesome games. However a lot
of people feel more could be done to promote them. How was your experience
with Playstation Mobile?

Well, I enjoy using it to develop – but yes, it definitely has issues with
promotion and visibility. I have had people wanting to buy Nunnageddon on
Xperia Z – but that have been unable to because they were unaware of the
location of the store, or the fact that the PlayStation Store even existed.
Along with this limited visibility – I’ve found it’s quite difficult to
promote apps on PSMobile, especially being unable to distribute promotional

What games (on any platform) are you currently playing at the moment?

Currently? Not very many! I’ve picked up a few of the indie titles on Vita
– including Thomas was Alone, Guacamelee and Retro City Rampage – but I’m
not getting much time to play them as I am hard at work with new projects.
So much so, in-fact, that I’ve shamefully not even completed Bioshock
Infinite yet…

Thanks so much to Daniel for taking the time out to speak to us. Go get Nunnageddon, you’ll love it! For more information check out the official site here.

Download Nunnageddon