We all saw and heard the amazing news coming out of E3 and all wished we were there. Yesterday we were lucky enough to catch up with Bobby Loertscher from Zen Studios. Straight out of the world’s biggest gaming expo, who better to tell us about the greatness of E3 than Bobby herself:

What was Zen Studios’ main goal at E3?
Our main goal was to show off KickBeat! Sony had it on Vita in their booth
and it got a lot of exposure. Everyone I talked to that played it said they
couldn’t wait for it to release, so I guess we accomplished our goal!

Can you give us a brief feeling of what it is like to attend E3?
It’s pretty overwhelming, mostly in a good way. There is so much to see and
so many people; the atmosphere this year was electric. Being a new console
year, there was a lot of new stuff and way more games than I had time to
play. Between press conferences, appointments and other offsite events, it
was a super busy week!


What were the highlights of the week for you?
I think the press conferences definitely set the tone for the entire show,
and really got people excited and talking about the next generation of
consoles. We have plans to publish on both the Xbox One and the PS4, so it
was really cool to be there and be part of an E3 that people will be talking
about for years to come.

Did you meet any gaming companies or developers that you were really
impressed by?
I had already met them because of our work on Plants vs Zombies Pinball, but
PopCap totally killed it! I couldn’t believe how many people were talking
about PvZ Garden Warfare, and how many awards they earned. Kudos to them for
a successful E3!

Was there one game you saw that completely blew you away?
There were so many! Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, and DuckTales are all
looking amazing! I also heard that Fez 2 is in the works, so that is
definitely on my radar, and Walking Dead on Vita will be an instant buy for
me. I’ve already played it on PS3, but I can’t wait to play it again on my

Can you let us know of anything that Zen Studios has coming up for the
rest of the year?
First up is KickBeat on Vita this summer, and later on this fall we’ll have
the next batch of Star Wars Pinball tables!


A real big thanks to Bobby Loertscher for taking the time to answer our questions. We shall be bringing all the latest news on KickBeat as soon as we get it.