We first gave you this story in July about this rather special game Taxi Journey.

Here is the latest news along with brand new artwork just been released.

Lexis Numérique, one of Europe’s leading independent video game studios, today unveils the very first gameplay video and exclusive new artwork of their upcoming title, Taxi Journey.


Announced in July 2013, the Kickstarter campaign for Taxi Journey has begun with a huge fanfare. In less than 2 months, Taxi Journey, an original puzzle/adventure game set in a universe that combines charm, humour and mystery, has gained more than 17,000 Facebook fans! Taxi Journey takes inspiration from games such as Limbo and Machinarium with influences from film directors such as Tim Burton.
Djamil Kemal, Marketing & Business Development Director, explains the idea behind Taxi Journey: “We love adventure games, we love platformers and we want to do something truly unique. We believe there is room for a side-scroller that focuses on the story, on the characters and connects to players on an emotional level”.
The fundraising page on kickstarter.com is here:


For Djamil Kemal, the Kickstarter campaign is not only about the money. “We’ve been developing a very strong relationship with the community and we want this to go on during the whole production. In addition to classic rewards (the game itself, artbook, print frames etc…), we want to offer the community a unique chance to give their feedback and have a real impact on the game at every key moment of the production (pre-production, alpha, beta…”. For us Kickstarter has also become a social platform that connects the developers with their fans.
Taxi Journey is an original game, mixing adventure and puzzle gameplay in a universe that combines poetry, humor and mystery. The game could be coming to PSN.

First a bit about Taxi Journey.

Gino, a big man of few words, has a taxi with a difference: he’s broke, so he gets on his bike and his customers hop on his back. After an encounter with a mysterious young girl called Zoe, he ends up journeying to strange faraway lands. Together they meet some engaging and amusing characters but also some more sinister types who will do everything in their power to stop them.  Fully pencil-drawn, Taxi Journey has a powerful and highly personal graphic universe which draws inspiration from a range of very attractive sources, including the films of Tim Burton and the Japanese filmmaker Miyazaki and the beautiful Limbo.


We hooked up with Djamil Kemal, Marketing & Business Development Director of Lexis Numérique to find out more.

Here at Punk and Lizard we love independent games, it must be exciting
working on a new project like Taxi Journey. Where did the idea come from for this game?

Thanks a lot! Originally, before being a game, it was a graphic world. Slowly came
the characters, and then the story and gameplay. We think that what makes it
different is that we wanted to do something that doesn’t feel “digital” with great
3D effects and brilliant motion capture. Pen drawing the whole game makes it more
human and genuine we hope.

How many staff does it take to produce a game like this?

It all depends on when during the process. At the very beginning (pre-production
phrase), 6 people working full-time are on it. At peak periods of the development,
about 12 people will work on project (including testers etc..)


Taxi Journey looks stunning, how long does all the artwork take to
complete and how many artists work on this process?

Once again, thanks a lot! As you can see, the design is very personal and we have 2
main lead artists. Jerôme who oversees the overall art direction and pen draws the
backgrounds and Carine, who oversees the character design. It took one full day to
Carine to finalize the last black & white artwork we published.

We loved Machinarium on the PS Vita, would gamers who played this also love Taxi Journey?

That’s a very good question and as many are asking, we begin to think it needs
serious thinking 🙂 We’re in the process of involving the community much more in our key choices, and the choice of platforms is clearly one of them.

If Taxi Journey came to PlayStation would the game include trophies?

Yes. In addition to the core of the adventure, we plan to create extra quests and
hidden objects to be found.


From what we have seen of Taxi Journey, it looks a perfect game for the PS Vita. What can folks do to show there support for the game?

Once again, we’ll give the last word to the community. An announcement about how
we’re going to organise this is to come soon..

What games are you playing at the moment?

I don’t really have time to play currently but I’m impatient to play “The Last of
Us” and I’m about to buy “400 days” (Walking Dead).


Many thanks to Djamil Kemal for his time and taking to us. Lexis Numérique is the first French studio to launch a video game funding campaign on KickStarter.com. The 30-day campaign ends on 27th July.

Go and view the Kickstarter and Trailer: here and tell ’em Punk and Lizard sent you.