Our overall verdict "Hit for Six"

Super Icon were responsible for quite possibly one of the best PlayStation Mobile games in existence, Life of Pixel. If you’ve never played it, get it. It is an absolute gem that deserves to be on every Vita. Super Icon now release Indoor Sports World, which features all the indoor sports games you’d expect: Air Hockey, Darts, Pool and Snooker. Let’s face it, it’s freezing outside, everyone is stressed leading up to Christmas and if you hear another Christmas song you might punch someone in the face. With Indoor Sports World, if you fancy a drink and a quick game of pool but don’t want to hear your friend’s problems about how he or she doesn’t get enough time on their PS4, then this is the game for you. OK, I’m that guy who moans about not enough PS4 time, but hey we’ve all done it.


There are 11 game types on offer, with 4 game modes set in 8 different venues. The venues are pubs and bars, and you’ll take on characters such as Tony Adams. No not that Tony Adams. It’s all very normal and very typical of a night down the pub. You can take a photo of yourself to use as your avatar and you can upload your trophy achievements to Facebook and Twitter too. The majority of your time on Indoor Sports World will be spent using the touchscreen. The touchscreen controls work surprisingly well, although certain games can be frustrating. The AI is incredibly good at Darts for some reason. I simply could not win at Darts, despite winning a reasonable amount of Pool, Snooker and the easiest of the bunch, Air Hockey.


The realism here is at times too real. Throwing a dart and it hitting the board and then bouncing on the floor is realistic, but not in a fun way. It’s not particularly awesome to watch a dart hitting the floor for a few seconds. That being said, there are worse things than being too realistic, and once I got the hang of things I did start to really enjoy my time in each game. Pool in particular was one I kept coming back too. The added option of multiplayer so you can play against friends is fun as well. All in all, you’ll actually find yourself having quite a lot of fun here. There are not particularly tense moments, more relaxing games to pass the time.


Indoor Sports World is very much about how you approach it. It’s not a game to take on Resogun. Its intention from the start is not to take on the big guns in any way. It’s a quick pick up and play game, priced at only £3.99. If you’re a PS Plus member then it costs £2.00. For that price you get an enjoyable game with a full trophy list of 12 to go for. You can’t really say much fairer than that.


Punk Rating: 6.5/10