Prepare for the ultimate mash-up of cultures in a video game you thought you would never see! Get set for good old Southern hospitality to be set loose in Ancient Egypt in Immortal Redneck, a roguelite first person shooter from Spanish indie studio Crema.

The game revolves around a redneck tourist who wakes up mummified in ancient Egypt after an accident. Why is he here? How did he survive the accident? And why the hell is he mummified?! The answer lies within the three danger-filled pyramids of Giza, all protected by an army of monsters and huge bosses. Obviously, your mission is to get inside the pyramids, kill all the enemies and discover what’s going on.

Immortal Redneck features 9 playable classes (all with different skill sets), History Mode, and Single Player Mode. There are 0ver 50 different weapons ranging from traditional firearms, magical mythological ones, to futuristic or just plain weird weapons like a Potato Launcher. You name it, this game has it! Each time you play, the game will be different, procedural dungeons filled with bad ass monsters wait for you around every corner.

Sounds fun, you bet! Check it out below.

Immortal Redneck will be available on February 27th.

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