Iconoclasts is the oft-abandoned masterwork of one-man development army Joakim Sandberg. Over the last five years, he has designed, coded and realized a Metroidvania game of staggering scope and beauty.

Follow renegade mechanic Robin and her merry band of misfits through an exquisitely paced action-adventure that punctuates crunchy game-feel and cunning puzzles with monumental boss battles.

Between the action, Iconoclasts tells a remarkably personal story about faith, duty and individuality, idiosyncratically mixing slapstick humour, philosophical musings and raw tension.

Through Robin and her companions’ struggle against One Concern — a despotic, corporatist religious authority — Iconoclasts explores the foibles of ideology, the comfort of imposed roles and identities, and the consequences of breaking with them.

Iconoclasts is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.