Hyper Void is a single player third-person space-shooter that jumps the player through stellar wormholes packed with high-action experience. Hyper Void is created by 100% indie developers. Two brothers Homam & Wessam Bahnassi started with the idea of forming a small indie development group named IN|Framez Technology in early 2002. Their dream now game comes to PS3 today, check out the trailer below:

[youtube id=0ZRz8m4I9Q8 width=650 height=350 ]

Gameplay Features:
•30+ unique levels.
•Unlockable trophies and secret levels.
•Highly dynamic environments.
•Numerous unique enemies.
•Intense action.
•Control multiple weapons simultaneously.
•Epic mega boss fights.


World Features:
•Thrilling story waiting to be unraveled.
•In-game cinematic shots.
•Bizarre shooting action.
•Universes based on true scientific facts.

Technology Features:
•HD Anti-Aliased 3D graphics.
•New tech for infinite dynamic lighting effects.
•True lit volumetric space dust phenomena.
•Complex interactive particle simulations.