Puzzle game cult sensation Human: Fall Flat will hit PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro (4K resolution) on May 9th and Xbox One on May 12th for $14.99. In addition the Steam version will update with the new
console content on May 12th. The console version will have everything that made the Steam version a cult hit plus additional content, brand new puzzles and bespoke customization options.

Human: Fall Flat is a crazy physics game where you solve open-ended puzzle while struggling with intentionally unsteady controls that result in hysterical clumsiness that has people discover their own solutions to overcome obstacles and “work” together as best they can to solve the puzzles in co-op mode. On Steam, Human: Fall Flat has garnered more than 100 million cumulative views on YouTube thanks to the game’s hilarity, especially in co-op mode.

Check it out below.

Pre-orders start today and anyone who pre-orders the console version will receive popular adventure game Manual Samuel for free. In addition to Manual Samuel, PlayStation 4 players will also receive a dynamic theme.