Sound Shapes is an amazing game. It’s a platinum :plat  that both me and Lizard hold and it’s one to be proud of due to some punishing Death Mode levels. The Beat School levels can be pretty tricky too. Not anymore. If you want to see your trophy percentage soar up in 30 minutes, we’re here to help. Below are the videos for all Beat School levels including the DLC packs (big shout out to jmaners9 on YouTube for the videos). Simply follow these and you will get 42 Silver :silvertrophies in 15 minutes. Pretty sweet, right? There’s more. Because the game is Cross Buy, it means if you have a ps3, as long as you save your game to the cloud on your Vita, all of these Silver :silver trophies will pop up again giving you double. Follow the guide below to get 84 Silver :silver trophies in 30 minutes:

Main game Beat School levels:

Acoustic Sound Pack DLC levels:

Drum Kits Sound Pack levels:

8-Bit Sound Pack levels:

Do You Wheelie Want To Hurt Me levels:

80s Sound Pack levels:

Dubstep Sound Pack levels: