Hotline Miami is hard. It’s brilliant, but it’s hard. Once you get the hang of things though you’ll realise it is an attainable Platinum:plat. There are a handful of trophies that are hard, but with the right planning and the right mask they will be a lot easier.

First run through, Masks and A+ every chapter
First step, complete the game. This is trial and error but you will love the game so much this won’t feel like a chore. Then go through the campaign again, this time getting the masks and the puzzle pieces from each area. It is essential to get these. One, you will get a Gold Trophy:gold  for your trouble, secondly you will be able to solve the Puzzle, which you will get you a bronze :bronze trophy for, and you will also unlock the ‘real’ ending. Not to mention the Wear All Masks trophy. Every time you find a letter these will help make up the puzzle. If you would rather figure out the puzzle yourself please stop reading as the answer is in the video below. The video shows all the mask locations and puzzle pieces (Video by ElChristoGames):

After you’ve unlocked all the masks, you now need to go back and A+ every chapter in the game. Well, sort of. Despite their being 18 gradeable chapters, mine popped after 15. Some people have said 14, and some have had it as early as 13. This is by far the hardest trophy in the game. The best advice I can give here is to use the Carl mask (the one that starts with the drill-you originally find this in Chapter 8). Make sure you knock your enemies to the ground, and then drill kill them as a ground kill. If they are hunched against the wall it won’t count as a ground kill, they need to be lying flat. The easiest way to do this is to burst through a door hitting them on the way in. Of course try and throw in the occasional combo too. A lot of people like to use the Jake mask, giving you a longer combo window. This is a great way to rack up points but you have to be very, very quick and precise with this method. I wasn’t too great at it so I found the stealthier drill kill method worked better for me. One last tip, if you’ve died a million times at the start of a level without progressing, click restart. You get points for time bonus and that will shave off that wasted time.

The Always On Top trophy

A lot of people have commented this trophy may be glitched, it popped for me luckily and this is the list I used. Hopefully this should work. I promise this doesn’t take as long as you think it will. I got this in about half an hour. To confirm again, a ground kill is where they are lying flat on the ground. If they are hunched against a wall or a door it will not count. Another important point. When going through this list, you must make it to the Stage Clear or Chapter Done screen without dying otherwise it won’t register the weapon. Only cross a list off the checklist when you are certain you have made it to the checkpoint. The best place for spawning weapons is Chapter 5.

As you start the level, you can walk round the outside of the building and see what weapons have spawned. If the floor is littered with guns and not melee weapons simply die and start again. The mask I recommend using is Dennis, the one where dogs won’t attack you, as this means you can take your time a bit more and make sure you don’t die.

Always on Top Weapon List for Ground Kills

Baseball Bat

Baton (Only found in Chapter 13 – Assault)

Brick (Looks Red)

Crowbar (Has a red handle-only found in Chapter 5-Full House, 1st floor)


Drill (Only available using Carl mask)

Fireaxe (Located sporadically but always on the Second Floor of Chapter 6)

Frying Pan (Only located in Chapter 5-Full House, 2nd Floor)

Golf Club (Grey, looks like a pipe but has a little L on the end of it)


Katana (Huge Sword!)


Lead Pipe (grey and straight)

Machete (looks like the knife, but one has an orange handle)

Pool Cue Stick

Broken Pool Stick (Will break after you’ve used it as a melee weapon – Found in Chapter 5-Full House)

Pot with water (Found in Chapter 2-Overdose, 2nd Floor)

Pot without water (After you’ve done it with water, kill another enemy with it without water)

Scissors (Beware that the Scissors and Dart look quite similar)

Sledgehammer (Just a bigger version of the hammer)

Briefcase (This is in the Prelude)

Glass Bottle (Green, if you do it and it won’t do a ground kill with it, it’s the Beer Can. The bottle will do a ground kill)


 Plain Luck trophy

Although the trophy description doesn’t say so, for this trophy you need to use a brick. This will also get you the Two Birds With One Stone trophy too. I’ve tried a few methods and this is by far the easiest:

Hopefully by this point you will be well on your way to the Platinum :plat. A patch is coming this week to fix the Dog Lover and Let in Some Air trophies. I’m sitting here on 97% so I’m dying for the patch to get done. I’ll add more to this over the next few days but please feel free to ask any questions or if there is any way we can help-good luck!