Pocket Money Games have released Henry the Hamster Handler, a single-player, puzzle, rhythm game that’s out now on Nintendo Switch.

Join the team at Hamsters Inc. as they delve into the ancient practice of Hamster alchemy and reveal that hamsters must endure as many near-death experiences as possible as, over time, the little furry balls of fun turn into bronze, silver, and gold. It’s your job to ensure they survive the ordeal before they get melted down and turned into a fancy pair of earrings.

Deactivate traps to save Hamsters as they make their journey through the 300 levels on offer, progressing through multiple levels of difficulty to challenge all players. Match the on-screen prompts with the buttons on the Nintendo Switch Controller, in classic rhythm game fashion, to ensure the wave of Hamsters reach the end of each level.

We’ve been having a lot of fun with Henry the Hamster Handler. The game is out now over on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $3.69 (NA), £2.49 (UK), and €2.89 (EU). Go check it out!