Disc Jam gets ready to throw down in e-sports with PS4 Beta

There’s been a lot of betas out recently, Fabian Groenbast takes a look at upcoming sports game Disc Jam.

E-sports aficionados, joystick athletes do well to turn their gaze towards Disc Jam. Just the other day I was contemplating on the lack of fantasy sports games for the current generation of consoles. Sure, there are few gems available, Rocket League being the most successful and well known. But low and behold as if sent by the heavens, a new challenger enters the arena.

Disc Jam is a fast-paced fantasy sports game. The developer describes it as a frantic mix of air hockey and tennis although I would add a pinch of NBA-Jam and/or Mario Tennis. While those familiar with the cult classic Windjammers will immediately utter “ow it’s a 3D version of that arcade classic”. Just like in Air-Hockey, players try to shoot a disc and get it past the opponent into the, for lack of a better term, “end zone”, to score points. Just like in tennis, curve shots and putting spin on the disc is part of your arsenal.

If less is more just think about how much more, more could be” – Frazier Crane

This pun voiced by the titular lead of one of my favourite sitcoms ever has some relevance to Disc Jam. A deceptively simple control scheme allows Disc Jam to be easily enjoyed by newcomers and be both appreciated and exploited by high level players. While Rocket League and Disc Jam both reside in completely different genres, they do share that easy to pick up hard to master DNA, online/couch-co-op and customization options.

After just a few matches of Disc Jam I went through an amazing learning curve showing me the depth of strategic options available in any given situation. Reading my opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and their reaction to my shots allowed me to tweak my battle strategy on the fly. I started to try and steer the opposition in such a way that I could exploit their position and have a better chance of scoring. This is very reminiscent of how I imagine real world tennis players approach matches and reflects some of the best fighting games I’ve played.

Currently there are two modes to play; 1v1 or 2v2 either online or couch co-op with the promise of more to come in the future. The roster of three playable characters might seem slim, but it offers enough variety to suit different playstyles. The game will launch with at least four unique characters and more content is coming post launch.

All of this is a testament to the potential of Disc Jam in becoming a more than respectable e-sports game, but most importantly a game where you can show off your skills and lord it over your friends and foes like a boss.

Don’t just take my word for it though, do one better. You can now help both the developers and yourself by joining the closed Disc Jam beta on PS4 which lasts until 24th February.


Video credit: Comptonemt (shoutcaster) and (Stick3011)

Feature by Fabian Groenbast