Imagine The Godfather playing Metal Slug on the Night of the Living Dead. Guns, Gore and Cannoli is an over-the-top, comical, fast-paced action game with hand drawn graphics set in the Roaring Twenties. Meet Vinnie Cannoli, a hard-boiled gangster who comes to Thugtown, to find a goodfella who is gone missing. Nothing that can’t be solved with a kind word with the local gangsters though. Especially when you’re packing a Tommy gun and a double barrel shotgun to be a little more persuasive. There’s only one thing that’s holding him back… Every friggin’ lowlife in the city turned into a flesh-eating maniac. This is survival horror, wiseguy style… Capiche?

After its successful release for PC & Mac and doing even better on Xbox One, Crazy Monkey Studios has prepared their hilarious action shooter Guns, Gore & Cannoli for the PlayStation 4. The wait is finally over!


Be ready for this 2D, fast-paced, humorous game which not only features a kick-ass campaign mode, but also 13 additional free skins and as a bonus: Versus mode, including 7 additional battle arenas.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli is actually TWO games for the price of one. After you wiped the map clean during the campaign, you will be able to relive the joy in versus mode.

Play against your friends or try beating the expert battle AI our programmers prepared for you. But beware, you won’t be fighting mindless zombies or airheaded goons this time. This AI will be controlled by 21kb seemingly gibberish code that will blast you of the map.

Check out the trailer below:

Forget Santa, this time Crazy Monkey Studios is delivering your stuff early!