Our overall verdict "silver"

When you load up a game called Gunhouse, it could go one of two ways. It could (a) be a house made of guns or (b) a gun made of houses. Luckily, we’re dealing with the former here and let me tell you now; we have an absolute gem on our hands. Gunhouse is essentially a take on the Tower Defence genre – well it sort of is, but it’s also a Tetris style puzzler where you need to quickly make matching blocks to arm your house with. The bigger the blocks you make, the more powerful your weapons become. Your guns go on the first 3 slots at the front and your special attacks go on the 3 slots at the back. Like they say – there’s no place like home, and you need to defend yours within an inch of its life.


The enemies trying to take you down are bright, colourful and downright mean. Your aim is to protect your orphans from being taken from you. Sorry, protect your orphans?! How cruel can these enemies be?! Next they will be pushing old ladies over and telling any nearby kids Santa Claus isn’t real! Despite their appetite for orphans, they are some of the most inventive and imaginative enemies you will have seen for a while. Whether it’s getting a frosty reception from evil ice cream trucks or trying to stop bears with machine guns from blasting away at you it’s all awesome to watch. There are 3 waves in each day; Noon, Dusk and Night. Each day also has an end boss, and this is probably the only time in my life that I’ve shouted the phrase: “You’re going DOWN Ice Cream!!


As you rid the screen of enemies a little hoover type robot will go and pick up money dropped by these fallen psychos. You can then use your money in the Shop to upgrade or buy new weapons, upgrade health and buy armour. This becomes pretty vital around Day 5 as the difficulty spike noticeably increases, especially on the bosses. From here on out you’ll need to sticks to your guns (so to speak), utilising special attacks as best you can. A great one is the Laser Special, as it not only locks enemies in place; it also damages them when it breaks apart. This works as a defence just as much as an attack. Another key is knowing when it’s necessary to take your time and get a huge block to maximise damage or when you should just swipe frantically, taking whatever you can get before your time window closes.


The reason Gunhouse works so well is actually for a few reasons. The code was done by the guy that made Frog Fractions, the music is supplied by Disasterpiece (a name you may recognise from Fez) and the design is by Brandon Sheffield. As a result, the game plays, sounds and looks amazing on the Vita. Even the humour between levels is genuinely funny: “Protip: I know where you live.” being just one of many funny moments. During the course of the game’s 10 levels (you can actually carry on past this once you complete the game if you like) I had an absolute blast. This is one PS Mobile title that comes out guns blazing and I defy anyone to not get addicted to the onscreen chaos that Gunhouse serves up.

The biggest compliment I can give Gunhouse is that despite having a PS4 in my living room and a whole host of great games to play on it, I couldn’t tear myself away from Gunhouse. It’s a game executed so well that if it wasn’t so addictive you’d simply stand back and admire it. The game is £2.59 and I have had hours of fun with it. If you are one of those people who thinks £2.59 is a lot for a PS Mobile game – get a new hobby. It’s quite simply great value for a game that has become my new favourite Playstation Mobile game. If Necrosoft have anything to do with it, it will become yours too.


Punk rating: 8/10