Anyone into their adrenalin-fuelled racers? If the answer is yes then you need to feast your eyes on this futuristic hardcore combat racer that’s bristling with heavy weapons and packed with ferocious speed. Developed by Caged Element, GRIP looks set to bring a fiery cocktail of cars and carnage to PS4.

Remember Rollcage games, well GRIP comes heavily inspired by such racers. GRIP offers a roster of badass rides all heavily armed, and heavily armoured. Each one is developed with a tremendous amount of down-force, so flipping your car over and driving on walls and ceilings becomes possible. Being a combat racer destruction plays a big factor in GRIP, large calibre machine guns, scorpion homing missiles, proximity mines and other such pick-ups play an integral part in winning racers. The racers themselves are played out on a variety of planets each with destructible structures to use against your opponents.

Check out the footage and screenshots below which are captured from an early prototype builds.




We’ll keep you updated about any future news we here about GRIP on PS4. One new combat racer to keep on your radar? For sure!