Our overall verdict "gold"

After Codemasters flung Dirt at us, now comes Grid 2. A return to track and city street racing complete with brutal online gameplay. It’s been over four years since the first Grid shook our senses, so is this the racer we have been waiting for?

Straight off it’s a monster. Loud Forza type engine roars with solid heavy handling instantly deliver a real powerful jolt to the system. Only to be played in surround sound – it’s brutal, fast and slick. Grid 2 has a size 14 boot print stamped all over it.


World Series Racing (WSR) is the main story in the game and becoming the world’s motor sport dominating legend is the aim. Amassing fans by meeting sponsors objectives and winning racers is the way to do it. With changing menus, Codemasters have created a fresh look and racing pattern to follow.

Your dusty garage is where you select the first race type. Lovely touches like small particles floating in the air and hot steam flowing from the low fat latte oozes quality. You can just about taste it. The detail is incredible and that’s just the garage. Winning more racers sees you up root and head for more plusher surroundings.


Grid 2 racing is awesome. Handling is a touch on the arcade style but when drifting and losing the back end, feels more Sim like. Each vehicle feels very different but after milliseconds you don’t care what you’re driving as every power house beast drives perfectly. We’re not talking Forza or GT5 car beauty but the display in front is utterly pleasing. The bonnet reflection though is truly stunning. Again the detail here is breathtaking. We have all have seen this stuff before but not on this grand scale. There is YouTube, text messaging and even ESPN interviews bring racing to a new level. LiveRoutes also brings constantly changing tracks to each race so you never play the same lap twice.  Background music that kicks in at certain hair rising moments is genius too. Codemasters have honed down this racer to something special and nailed it with a rivet gun.


The different race types that make up Grid 2 are Elimination, Point to Point, Checkpoint and standard track races. All look gorgeous, but really you’re not going to notice too much – there is a race to win here. The lack of interior view is not a deal breaker for me personally because there is so much else on offer. As I said earlier, the online game play is brutal. Just like in Need for Speed Most Wanted, expect to be randomly side swiped into a corner and then steam rolled by the other five players. Bonnets, tires, bumpers and other not so fortunate wrecks shall all litter the track demolition derby style.  Here winning races earns you cash for new vehicles. Along with the engrossing career mode and massive multiplayer, Grid 2 is unstoppable.

As far as trophies go, there are 42 Bronze:bronze, 5 sliver:silver , 3 gold:gold and of course a Platinum:plat on offer.

Codemasters  have introduced new elements to the racing genre and have created a beautiful, loud, aggressive title. Looking for a Sunday drive, then best leave your string back driving gloves at home, this is Grid 2 and it’s a animal.


Lizard rating 9/10


Publisher: Codemasters

Developer: Codemasters

Release Date: May 31st, 2013