Green Lava Studios announce their new title Birdcakes is heading out this May. It’s a brand new game for PS4, Steam and Xbox One. Birdcakes is a randomly generated 2D shooter where you can fly around 6 worlds of procedurally generated madness, while killing the Birdcakes’ natural enemies: flies!! This hardcore 2D shooter experience will award the players with great honors after defeating every type of fly, amidst waves of enemies and tough boss fights.

Birdcakes Game Features:

● Single Player game.

● Featuring 2 playing modes: Story & Infinite.

● No saving! You can keep the powerups though.

● Fast-paced levels with tight flight controls.

● Compete in online leaderboards for the highest scores.

The game comes with 31 trophies and a platinum.

Tasty? More news as we get it!