Our overall verdict "Hit for Six"

Gravity Badgers certainly throws an intriguing and somewhat humorous title at you – suited and space booted badgers on a quest to save the planet? Nearly, but it’s more a case of hurling your family of jetpack wearing badgers around planets, giant space snakes, rocks and ice cubes…I kid you not! Sharpen your finger as accuracy skills are required in PS Vita’s latest physics based touch screen puzzler.

gravity bagers 3

Always a sucker for a spot of 80’s mullet hair rock, Wales Interactive deliver a loud, comical and colourful budget blast of a title. Gravity Badgers kicks off a fun and captivating number. The story is pretty non-existent and starts with Grandpa Badger sharing his limited Jedi skills with you. It’s about trajectories, angels and using the planets gravitational properties to your advantage. Don’t worry you won’t need your set square, protractor or compass in today’s lesson – this is child’s play. Actually, maybe keep one mathematical tool close by, I mean these are living breathing Badgers we’re messing with (and they’re known to have a bloody painful bite too).

gravity badgers6

Each level involves kamikaze head runs and landing safely onto a wormhole. You’ll get the hang of what to do very quickly, whether you listened to Grandpa’s teachings or not. Sending your chosen badger (the family unlocks as you progress) into orbit is simply done my touching your furry chum and pulling back, releasing and watching him go. It’s a game of trial and error; sometimes a one flick wonder is all it takes to accomplish the task and plonk a satisfied grin on your face. But that soppy smile will soon get wiped off when teli pads, giant space snakes and ice cubes get hurled into the galactic equation. It’s not as easy as black and white, some levels will badger you senseless.

gravity badgers  8

End of level boss battles really come out of nowhere and wallop you from behind. Gone is the lush solemn atmospheric sound track. These new boss battles sound like Twisted Sister’s love child entering the room and with the frantic gameplay to match, the diversity works surprisingly well. These boss fights are by far the coolest feature in Gravity Badgers, as the game is not the longest space journey you’ll have ever been on, they come and go way too quickly.

Gravity Badgers has a unique theme and a cool 80’s cartoon art style feel, and under its craziness it does offer a solid game. Having been released on other platforms and devices these roaming space badgers sit pretty on the Vita.

gravity badgers7


Behind the stupidly brilliant title lies an average physics based puzzle game. Challenging at times and fun in places, Gravity Badgers is a harmless and simplistic PSN release priced at £3.99/€4.99/$4.99

Lizard Rating: 6.5/10









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