Gaming Talk is a new series of articles where we find out some background and snippets of information that you may not know about handheld games you’ve played. This week we speak with Ross from Ghostlight Games, who talks about this early days working on PSP game The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. You can pick up the game on your Vita via the PSP section for £11.99 or if you are a PS Plus member for £10.79. Over to Ross…

Trails in the Sky is a Nihon Falcom PSP JRPG that was released by Ghostlight in Europe and XSEED in the States and it’s also the first in the Sora No Kiseki series. While it has a really good grid based combat system it’s more focused on the story (be warned there is a rather large amount of text.) While the start can be a bit slow for some peoples taste I thought the setting and characters were so charming that I just wanted to know more. After the first chapter the game picks up in pace and your soon dealing with a countrywide conspiracy. XSEED did a truly excellent job with the translation and the conversations are generally excellent not only that but one of my favourite little touches is how XSEED added a different message for every chest if you check them after you’ve already opened them. Some of them are really funny.


I was actually the one who originally pushed for Ghostlight to release Trails in the Sky in Europe when I saw a large portion of my American friends on Twitter talking about how much they loved it. After speaking to my boss we received an evaluation copy within a week or so and I found myself enjoying it so much that I kept taking the work retail PSP and game home with me to play until I completed the game. After shouting “pick up Trails in the Sky” at everyone who walked past me for the next few weeks (I don’t know if this achieved anything but it probably confused the cleaner) we eventually managed to negotiate a deal to release the game in Europe where I not only did some of the testing on the game but also helped promote it too. I also helped ship the game out upon release so I was pretty much involved from start to finish“.

Huge thanks to Ross from Ghostlight for his time and insight. Join us again soon for some more Gaming Talk!