Have you ever wondered what PS Vita games developers like DrinkBox, Frima and Ripstone love to play? Here at Punk and Lizard we went on a mammoth quest to find out what game developers’ favourite Vita games have been so far. At first we thought perhaps a friendly rivalry would exist amongst the gaming developers elite and maybe talking about other games companies was a no no. How wrong we were. Every games developer, publisher and their respective PR companies have bent over backwards in helping us. It really has been fantastic speaking with everyone who took part and we’re really grateful to all of them for being so cool. So the next time you play a Vita game, remember the people that made it really are super nice. Another reason to love the Vita!
We also wanted to include Vita websites and gamers we respect from around the globe, which you can see in the list too. So without further ado, here is Punk and Lizard’s Gaming Industry Top 5 PS Vita Games




Who better to start the ball rolling than Co-Founder of DrinkBox Studios, Graham Smith. DrinkBox Studios gave us Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack and Guacamelee. Over to Graham for his top 5 Vita games that he loves to play:

1. Persona 4 Golden – P4G was my first exposure to this series, and it
had me immediately hooked. The bizarre cross between a standard RPG and
a high school socialization simulation works surprisingly well!

2. Sound Shapes – Excellent music-based platformer complimented by a
great level editor and huge replay value through community levels.

3. Knytt Underground – This beautifully serene exploration / puzzle
platformer really took me by surprise. Kind of what it might be like if
Limbo and Castlevania SOTN had a baby.

4. Retro City Rampage – This GTA inspired old-school throwback is a ton
of fun on the Vita, and the mission structure makes it perfect to play
in spurts while commuting.

5. Castlevania: SOTN – I replayed this PS1 classic on the Vita, and it
really stands the test of time. Although this is not technically a Vita
title, it still demonstrates the great value of the Vita, opening up a
huge back catalog of titles for portable play.





Next up is Frima. Martin Brouard, executive producer at Frima and a huge fan of the Vita lets us into his top 5 list:

Martin says, “I could not make a list like this without mentioning our own *Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge* of which I am very proud as well as the great Vita experiences that are *Sound Shapes*, *Escape plan*, *Retro City Rampage* and *Nun Attack.It’s hard for me to pick only 5 Vita favorites since, in my opinion, there
are so many great gaming experiences on this handheld.
Also, many of my favorites are not Vita exclusive but I happen to prefer
playing them on the Vita rather than on my big screen. I love my Vita.

1. Persona 4 Golden: Probably the game I played the most on my Vita. Great
characters and story as well as engrossing combat and Persona collecting
make this perfectly remastered Vita version a must play for RPG fans.

2. Guacamelee!: Drinkbox’s perfectly executed game of luchador platforming
is fun, beautiful and challenging. It also sports cross buy and cross save
which is a big plus.

3. Thomas was Alone: I was utterly charmed by this very surprising puzzle
platformer about a group of colored blocs who have more personality than
most gaming characters.

4. Zero’s Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward: The visual novel sequel to *999 *is
very well suited for the Vita and quite a gaming experience. I vastly
preferred 999’s 2D graphics to Zero’s Escape 3D art though…

5. Gravity Rush: The only Vita exclusive on my list is a beautiful and
original game that I enjoyed quite a lot.

Frima Studios




Men’s Room Mayhem completely won us over here at Punk and Lizard, so next up is Phil Gaskell from Ripstone with his list of top 5 Vita games:

1. Frobisher Says. I love micro game games and when my 3yr old plays this
in the car in Swedish it’s hilarious!

2. Super Stardust Delta. As the producer on the PS3 version in the early
days of PSN I have a special fondness to it.

3. Thomas Was Alone. A beautiful indie game, made all the better by the
commentary from Danny Wallace. You really begin to anthropomorphise the

4. Knytt Underground. It wouldn’t be right not to have a Ripstone game in
there. Tight controls and a gargantuan map, there so many hours of gameplay
in this title.

5. LittleBigPlanet. Every time I boot it up I’m blown away by how amazing
the visuals are. Truly the best looking game on PS Vita so far.




Laughing Jackal gave us Cubixx HD, Hungry Giraffe and recently OMG Zombies HD. Ross Brierley from Laughing Jackal tells us his fave 5 and some more interesting info:

I loved Trails in the Sky (it’s pretty much my baby 🙂 Honourable mentions…There are so many games I want to mention, including the fabulous Rayman Origins, the more traditional Dynasty Warriors Next, and, while I may be biased seeing as I work at Ghostlight, Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, which I loved so much I borrowed the work PSP so I could take it home and play it. My favourite Vita Games are..

Persona 4: The Golden
The original Persona 4 came out towards the end of the PS2’s life cycle and I was never quite able to give it the attention it deserved. With all the new stuff the Vita version adds in Atlus have actually managed to make the game superior to the home console version.

Everybody’s Golf
The PlayStation Vita remains the only gaming device I’ve ever bought at launch and this was a staple of the early days. A great multiplayer system and a cartoony style make it really enjoyable even if – like me – you can’t stand golf.

Velocity Ultra
I confess I’m not usually into shoot-em-ups. Being completely useless at any twitch style gameplay I usually end up looking elsewhere. Velocity Ultra, though, is something special. From the art style to the gameplay innovations, this is one of the games you must play.

Gravity Rush
One of my games of the year last year and one of the first Vita games to really show me something I hadn’t seen before. The gameplay is tremendous fun and using gravity to move around the city still feels great. Oh yes, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Final Fantasy IX
After really enjoying Distant Worlds in London last year I went straight back home and decided to play a Final Fantasy game. After some thought I settled on Final Fantasy IX as it was the one I’d never really played before. While some of it may be due to a hefty dose of nostalgia for PS1 era Squaresoft, I must admit I’ve really enjoyed this one. There’s just so much depth to the game. So much so, in fact, that even now people are discovering new side stories.

Laughing Jackal




The Game Atelier, who are famous for Android and iPhone games, have recently brought Flying Hamster HD to the PS Vita. Fabien from The Games Atelier tells us his top 5:

– 1.Persona 4 Golden
– 2.Guacamelee
– 3.Gravity Rush
– 4.Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend
– 5.Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable

The Game Atelier




Bringing critically celebrated games like Velocity Ultra, Coconut Dodge and Surge to the Vita, this can only mean one thing – next on our list is James Marsden from FuturLab. James tells us what games he plays and loves:

Velocity Ultra
Uncharted:Golden Abyss



Zen Studios brought us Zen Pinball to the Vita. Their new Vita release KickBeat comes out later this year, but for now we caught up with Bobby Loertscher from Zen to tell us her perfect 5:

1.Zen Pinball 2: I may be a tiny bit biased, but seriously, this game is
PERFECT for the Vita!

2. Guacamelee: This game is a SUPER fun action platformer with a really neat
art style. I’m not finished with it, but so far it’s amazing!

3. LEGO Harry Potter 2: This was the first LEGO game I ever played, not sure
what took me so long. Definitely pick it up if you’re a LEGO or Harry Potter

4. Mortal Kombat: Nothing quite like getting to play as Freddy Kreuger.

5. Sine Mora: I’m a sucker for shoot em ups…




Beatshapers are located in the heart of East Europe, Kiev, Ukraine. They’re famous for Star Drone Extreme and Jetpack Joyride, and their forthcoming PS Vita title ZRun is also expected later this summer. Alex from Beatshapers lets loose on his top 5:

1 Uncharted Golden Abyss for technical excellence and great story
2 Our StarDrone Extreme for first 3rd party cross play title and best livearea
3 Superstar Dust for the swarm evemies madness
4 Lumines – love them since PSP
5 Little Deviants for great near (and impossible to control) 🙂





Roughdawg4 is Playstation’s No.1 trophy hunter with over 26,304 trophies including 537 platinums. This should be interesting.

1 Dokuro

We will start off the top 5 list with Dokuro. In Dokuro, you start off as a puny skeleton who serves the Dark Lord. One day he abducts the princess and you decide to change your fate and free her. Along the way, you will learn how to become a hero and lead the princess to safety.

This was my favorite game on the vita so far. The game had old/new school elements as a 2D Puzzle Platformer. There are 150 levels you must adventure through and each one is more challenging than the next. The game utilizes the touch screen but the controls are amazing and extremely responsive. Couple this with the game having 20 hours of gameplay will leave you entertained for a very long time.

The developers really pushing the boundaries of puzzle games to make you think. Sometimes items might be present for you to use and its not necessary or when you have a box puzzle, they might not line up evenly on top of each other. But just in case a puzzle is to difficult for you, you have the ability to skip it and come back to it later.

There is nothing I can think that could make the game better which is why it is at the number 1 spot.

2 Velocity Ultra

A super fast super smooth shoot ’em up from FuturLab. They really know how to make a game rock.


A dark and instantly endearing game. It needs to be seen to be be believed. I’m also looking forward to Double 11’s next release, Frozen Synapse: Tactics. There are some massive releases heading the Vita way and this is one of them for sure.

4 Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken

Once I was lost and now I’m found :). I could listen to the theme music anytime.

The game might look a little cheesy but do not let that fool you. The game has excellent gameplay as well as excellent soundtracks. In my opinion, this has the best soundtrack currently on the Vita.

Rocketbirds is a 2D Platformer/Shooter. The characters are very well detailed and full of personality. You can choose from different characters (with different abilities) and enjoy a variation of weapons. The story and as I aluded to earlier, the music are top notch. If this wasn’t enough, the game also gives you the ability to play online co-op which increases the fun factor. Now you can enjoy playing the game with your friends and take down the evil Penguin Army.

The only issue I have with the game is the controls. It is nothing too bad, but sometimes the trigger button can be a little sensitive or a little unresponsive. This is a very minor gripe though, there are no major issues.

5 Guacamelee

In this game, you play as Juan Aguacate who is a Mexican wrestler trying to save the President’s daughter.

Guacamelee is a 2D Platformer and is an open world. Although there are some linear elements of it, the world is open. The open world had feels of Super Metroid or Legend of Zelda. The game itself has a great story and has nice humor to keep it entertaining. Along the way, you will learn abilities and skills to help you in your adventures. The combat system also is nicely done. Although you can just use Triangle and Square to punch, you can also use them in certain orders to unleash combos on your enemies. Even on the easiest setting, the game has some challenging fights which include bosses. So this is not a mindless platforming game by any means.

A small issue of the game is sometimes room fights get a little repetitive. You will have to fight 10-15 enemies to unlock the door and sometimes a few of these doors will wear you down, but they happen few and far between.

PS3 Imports




Blondlizard – Co-Owner of punkandlizard.com

1. Need for Speed Most Wanted

Now that the dust has settled over Fairhaven, I can safely say Need for Speed Most Wanted comes in first place on my Vita list. Having platinumed both PS3 and Vita versions, Most Wanted is the finest racing game available right now. From high speed races against exotic dream cars to back street car brawls, nothing comes close.

2. Wipeout 2048

A spectacular super fast racer and a timeless classic. Incredible tracks, awesome fire power with a sound track to wake the dead and better than it’s bigger brother. One game I always go back to and yet to complete.

3. Motorstorm RC
My PS3 collected a heap of dust once this mini racer hit my Vita. The gameplay, graphics, handling and price tag was a total shock to the system. One of the first Vita games I got and still holds exciting memories of playing the handheld for the first time.

4. Sound shapes. Total genius – the Jekyll and Hyde of gaming. One minute you love it, the next minute visions of placing your Vita under the 266 bus brings a smile to your face.  We need more DLC and lots of it!

5. Gravity Rush. Endearing right from the intro credits. A masterpiece.



Punk_Col (1)

Punk – Co-Owner of punkandlizard.com


Hands down my game of the year so far. Drinkbox absolutely nailed it. Amazing in every way from the look of it to the humour to the gameplay. A Platinum I’m really proud of due to the hellish Tule Tree orb section!

Uncharted Golden Abyss

Uncharted is awesome. This was a Vita launch title and it still looks and plays incredibly well with a brilliant story too. Uses the Vita features perfectly. The last boss fight on Crushing was painful for the Platinum though!

Sound Shapes

An absolute gem of a game. Death Mode is hell but this is an absolutely essential Vita purchase. Amazing music too..

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Snake in my opinion is the coolest video game character of all time, so to play as him on the Vita feels special. At the start I could barely get him to walk, by the end of it I was saving the world! Shame no Peace Walker here but 2 and 3 more than make up for it.

Velocity Ultra

A simple idea done amazingly well. Another one of my favourite games of the year. A classic shoot em up with twists. Teleporting is always cool.

Special mentions for Limbo, Thomas Was Alone and Machinarium for being beautiful games too.




Many Japanese classic games needed exposure in the West, a risk some Japanese publishers weren’t willing to take. So we’re excited to welcome Monkey Paw Games to our Top 5 Vita games list. Their new release Class of Heroes 2 is out now. Over to Ray from Monkey Paw Games:

5. Persona 4 Golden — Epic challenging adventure
4. Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified – CoD on a handheld!
3. Gravity Rush — Pure fun with high replay value
2. Uncharted: Golden Abyss — Amazing adventure for a portable
1. Class of Heroes II — endless hours of gameplay for a classic JRPG! Gotta
support the cause! 🙂

Monkey Paw Games




Cut, slice, snip, sever, chop, shear and trim hordes of Pirate Monkey Zombies? Must be Mass Creation’s Draw Slasher! We spoke to Artur, the main man at Mass Creation for his top 5:

1.Rayman Origins – Perfect match for a handheld console. Dynamic, funny,
demanding. Has the most beautiful 2D hand drawn graphics ever made. Period.

2.FIFA Football – Best mobile football, with one slight flaw: long waiting for
an opponent in multiplayer modes. Why U no buy more Vitas?

3.Thomas Was Alone – Vita was made for such (indie) games. Great meta story.
It has ‘that’ just-one-more-level syndrome.

4.Mortal Kombat – Definitely the best fighting game for Vita. Spent more time
with mobile version. And I could finally take a revenge Kintaro, my
childhood nemesis 😀

5.Wipeout 2048 – New look, old formula, old fun. Future is in the past 🙂

Mass Creation




The Vita Lounge was the first PS Vita site to bring news and reviews to the growing army of Vita gamers. Owned by Paul Murphy who is also a moderator on the PS Vita Forum, the Vita Lounge is a great stop off for your Vita fix. Over to Paul for this top 5:

1 Need for Speed Most Wanted – My favourite Vita game so far, and a true testament to what the Vita can do. What it lacks initially in terms of visuals it makes up for in terms of playability, fun and scale.

2. LBP PSV – The story may be short, but is very enjoyable but the real long term replayability of this title should not be underestimated, and if you can get your head around the creation mode yourself then there is arguably no limit to what can be acheived.

3. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD – A perfect recreation of the Xbox original, and a true showcase of the power of the Vita. Beautiful, engaging and fun we need more of this. Luckily, Just add Water have three more coming.

4. Guacamelee – brutally hard in places but unashamedly fun. Packed with humour, homage and hours of fun. Drinkbox served up a winner here.

5. Soul Sacrifice – arguably the biggest release of the year so far on the Vita and it’s a good one. It can be grindy but that you can share that with others negates that. Many hours of gameplay, strategy and fun and so much to discover.

The Vita Lounge




Grip Games first gave us Foosball 2012. Their next release, Atomic Ninjas, is on its way to the PS Vita soon. We get the low down from Jakub Mikyska from Grip Games:

In no particular order:
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Because it’s Uncharted wherever I go. For me, no game really proves the
power of Vita as Golden Abyss does.

WipeOut 2048
WipeOut is a perfect fit for Vita. Available in short doses and gorgeous on
Vita’s display.

Mutant Blobs Attack
Because I secretly always wanted to devour the whole planet, but never got
stomach for it.

Uncharted: Fight for Fortune
I may seem to be a bit Uncharted-biased, but the fact is I became strangely
addicted to this card game.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Because you can cut necks by swiping fingers across the back of the Vita.
Also, it’s PS2’s two best games.

Grip Games



Next up we spoke to Geert “Gene” Nellen, Creative Director & Lead Designer at Digital Dreams. Their new PS Vita release Metrico comes onto the Vita soon. Here is his favourite top 5:

1. Guacamelee!
You can change into a chicken. What else do you want?

2. Haunt the House: Terrortown
This PS Mobile game is just a whole lot of fun to play. Great animations
and cool surprises got us completely sucked into the game. Also, we met the
developer. Great guy! Haunted Hause: Terrortown didn’t get nearly as much
attention as it should have!

3. Uncharted: Golden Abyss
You just have to play this one when you have a Vita. Makes great use of
hardware features. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is an example for a lot of games
on the Vita.

4. Soundshapes
Awesome soundtracks and great visuals.

5. Thomas was Alone
Great narration and fun puzzles make Thomas was Alone definitely worth
checking out!


Rainbow Moon comes to the Vita soon, so Nils from East Asia Soft give their top 5.

1. Persona 4 Golden
Never managed to play through it on PS2 but finally completed it on
Vita. Story and dialogs are very well written; the soundtrack kicks ass. 🙂

2. Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
An absolutely insane story, combined with challenging puzzles. I must
admit that I’ve yet to finish it though.

3. Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Not as good as Uncharted on PS3 but it was a great reason to get the
Vita right at launch. Couldn’t stop playing until I completed all chapters.

4. Gravity Rush
Fascinating art style and solid game play. I’m keeping my fingers
crossed for a sequel.

5. Guacamelee!
Metroid meets Castlevania. Probably the best indie game for the Vita so far.


Next up we spoke to Daniel Scales from Daniel Cake Games, creator of PSM title Nunnageddon. Here is his top 5 Vita games:

1. Uncharted Golden Abyss : Stunning transition from console to portable –
and a perfect example of what Vita could be used to achieve!

2. MotorStorm RC: The most fun I’ve had on a low budget on Vita – and the
continued support with DLC was pretty great too.

3. When Vikings Attack: Amazing multiplayer fun – and the only online
experience I’ve had on Vita – but best played with friends.

4. Guacamelee: Awesome, insane fun. Quirky and full of laugh out loud
moments – and a great combat system.

5. Rayman Origins: A great port from the console version, and works even
better on Vita. Time trials kept me playing for weeks!




Gamesblip bring their own different slant and style to the gaming world over at gamesblip.com. Run by Amy, she lets us into her top 5:

Lumines Electronic Symphony
It’s a little bit Tetris, a lottle bit DOOF and it makes trippy seem
positively beige. Block puzzle perfection!

DJ Max Technika Tune

Proving that you don’t need a bloody big floor mat for a brilliant rhythm
game. Although you do need rhythm.

Super Stardust Delta
Sometimes we just wanna get all “PEW! PEW! PEW!” Sometimes for minutes,
sometimes for an hour or two…

Zen Pinball 2
We used to own a pinnie. It was huge! Now we’ve got 31 of them and they fit
in our bag. Best. Pinball. Ever.

Classic arcade painty/chompy vibes collide in this deceptively addictive
puzzler that deceptively addicted us.



Fallen Tree Games gave the Vita the chilled out puzzler Quell Memento. Over to Joe from Fallen Tree for his Top 5 vita releases:

1. Sound Shapes – Stylish platformer with near instant restarts, decent
checkpoints, and perfect presentation.

2. Thomas Was Alone – Starts slow but just gets better. The controls work brilliantly on the Vita.

3. Guacamelee – It’s the gorgeous world that makes this platformer stand out for me.

4. Quiet Please! – Reminds me of 8-bit adventure games.

5. Rymdkapsel – I love to see developers still managing to be this visually distinctive.

Fallen Tree Games



Next up is Rami Ismail from vlambeer who shall be bringing LUFTRAUSERS to the Vita.
1. Gravity Rush – beautiful and original, uses Vita’s capabilities to the
2. Sound Shapes – While we loved all of it, we especially want to give a
shoutout to the Beck – Cities level. Wonderful, audio-driven platforming.
3. Thomas was Alone – Platforming that can make you care about squares and
4. Earth Defense Force 2017 – Only game that you explain as ‘kill dozens of
UFO’s, giant ants and bipedal robots 10 times my size while leveling a
5. Spelunky – It’s not out for Vita yet but we don’t care. Spelunky is one of
the best games ever and we think it’ll be an amazing fit on the Vita.


PSP2roundup is a website that reports on all things PS Vita and PSP. Here is what rocks their world on the Vita:

1. Gravity Rush. A genuine pleasure both to play and just explore, Kat’s world and adventures are a work of small genius, and proof that clever developers can work around the Vita’s limitations.

2. Persona 4 Golden. The poster-boy of Vita gaming delivers charm and depth and a massive, fun and freaky adventure to undertake.

3. Need for Speed: Most Wanted. While many developers moan about not being able to do this, that or the other on the Vita. Criterion went out and did it all, in great style.

4. PulzAR. There are quite a few cheap or free games that make use of the augmented reality cards for the Vita, this is the only one that really offers a proper gaming challenge.

5. Sound Shapes. Perfect portable gaming with its own level designer and a bunch of great sound packs to keep the creativity flowing.





Reddit.com is a user-generated news links site. We spoke to contributor and all round gamer ‘Maltrain’ on his personal top 5.

1. Persona 4 Golden: It was an amazing JRPG when it was launch on PS2, but this time Atlus make a superior version, with lots of new features, characters and stories. A “must buy” for every JRPG fan.

2. Soul Sacrifice: It has a cool story, a very well done narrative, but over all of that is the combat system, very funny, very fast and with tons of customization. Besides, DLC policies (free and lot of them) is awesome.

3. Guacamelee!: It’s true that it has a PS3 version, but this time I think is superior. The game itself it’s pretty challenging and a lot of fun. Great story, great characters.

4. Virtua Tennis 4: I’m a fan of tennis games and I didn’t have much hope on this one because mobile version sucks, but I found it very cheap recently and was a huge surprise. Very complete game and very close to big console versions, with a lot of modes.

5. DJMax Technika Tune: Simply because reminds me those funny music games we had a lot of time ago, Beatmania kind of things. It would be perfect if would have new songs via DLC

PSVitaGamer.net is a site run by Kyle Wakeling, who is also Deputy Editor of The Vita Lounge. Over to Kyle for his fab 5:

1. Soul Sacrifice – Easily my favourite of the year so far. I’ve put well over 100 hours into it, and collected the platinum as well. The DLC is fantastic, and the support from the developer is quite welcomed.

2. Guacamelee – An amazing game that draws you in and doesn’t let go until you complete
it at least once. Frustrating at times, but always there with a laugh to reward you;
Guacamelee is definitely my favourite indie title so far this year.

3. Limbo – Beautifully simple at first glance, this puzzler is an emotional ride
through a world of shadow; this is as much art as it is a game.

4. Urban Trial Freestyle – What can I say, I never played the trial games on any other
consoles so this one had me at ‘hello’.

5. Zombie Tycoon 2 – I haven’t played an RTS game since Age of Empires, but this game lures me in with zombies and taunts me into playing with that goofy cartoon style and chess-with-zombies style multiplayer.





Next up we have Mr PS Vita Reviews – a great You Tube reviews channel:

5. Need for Speed: Most Wanted
This game showed that an open world racing game is possible and can look
really good. I still remember first playing it and being like, “Wow, this
is on a portable.”

4. Playstation Allstars
A game many people thought was a Smash Bro’s rip-off. Which is some what
true but what the deveoplers did for this genre was twist it in a way that
made it quite different from SB. The game played great and I played this so
much I even platinumed it, and continued to play.

3. Gravity Rush
This Vita Exclusive is a game every Vita owner should at least give it a
try. With beautiful graphics and a decent sized open world. This RPG is one
of the best I’ve played on any system out there. Great story and
interesting characters put this one above many others.

2. Soul Sacrifice
This recently released game surprised me quite a bit. When you think action
hunting RPG you don’t really think of a really well done story. Well for
this game there’s a great story and I was very surprised by it. It gets
deep within a lot of human emotions. The game made me think a lot about
things in the real world and I will never get rid of this gem.

This game has set the bar almost unattainable on the RPG side of Vita
games. With even greater story relate-able characters and stunning
graphics. This game is by far the best game to have come to the Vita in my
personal opinion. I’ve spent well over 150hrs on this title. Still haven’t
platinumed it yet, but perhaps one day! If you haven’t tried this one out
yet you really need to.





Mohit Bhatia from hgunified.com lays down his top 5:

1. Uncharted Golden Abyss

This was the first game I bought for my vita. Expecting just a showcase for
graphical powers of vita, the game turned out to be an all round blast, it had
depth, it had variety, it had everything, only one thing i hated about it was the
touch controls for action sequence, (spoiler alert) even the final battle.
Its still my favourite game on vita, which i have ended four times and still not
got platinum 😀

2 Need for Speed : Most Wanted

The sole reason I bought this game was that i didn’t have a racing game on my vita.
But I was utterly impressed with the game, having experienced the game on a high end
PC, the vita version gave a very similar feeling, not in a bad way, just it felt
very good having experience similar to PC on a handheld without any major
compromise. The game has good depth and easy trophies, the game would require more
then 15 hours to complete and get platinum, which i haven’t got yet :-P. There is no
lag in online matches which i like very much. The only problem with the game is
that oncoming traffic lights are pixilated, due to which you crash at high speeds.
BTW if you get Bugatti Veron in this game, you can break any record.

3 Virtua Tennis

I know nobody would consider this in their top 5, but I just love tennis and this
game was cheap, which provides it great value for me. This game main mode is
create your player mode, rest are exhibition and other funky app like things, even
a two player match on one vita. I have completed created player twice and it is
enjoying each time I play it. Worst thing about the game is online matches lag,
makes it unplayable for me sometimes.

4 Jetpack Joyride

It was a free game on psn and is super addicting. Playing it everywhere, in class,
in bed, in ill and in health. Always trying to better my score, being the best in
the game, getting everything and anything the game has to offer. It is seriously a
great game.

5 Wipeout 2048

My first ever wipeout game and i was not disappointed. The graphical quality is
outstanding for a handheld, the speed of game is breathtaking. I do crash a lot in
the game, but once I learn the track I do get a podium finish. Online play is
brilliant, no lag at all. The game loading times are very bad, i run the game from
memory card, still the game loads slow. Still a must have for vita, a very
different styled racing game.




Thanks for reading our Gaming Industry Top 5 Vita games! We would also like to say a extra special thanks to the PR companies that helped in making this feature happen. Let us know your Top 5 in the comments section below!

Punk and Lizard