Gamescom is every gamer’s heaven but feels like hell at times.

Gamescom is a Valhalla for gamers, game developers, publishers and cosplayers. There are 10 halls where game developers and publishers can show off their most recent games, cosplayers can hang around with each other and gamers can act like kids in a candyshop. And a candyshop it is. Most of the AAA developers were at GC14 and loads of gamers were waiting in line for several hours to play games like AC:Unity, Destiny, Dead Island 2, The Evil Within, DRIVECLUB and much much more. Both Sony and Microsoft had some big stands with all kinds of games coming to their platforms and both of the stands were crowded. It felt like a nest of ants that all wanted to taste the sugar.

AC Unity Booth1

I know the sugar is sweet, really sweet, but it has some bitterness on the other hand. The halls and stands are way too crowded and it isn’t really fun if you want to check out several games in just one day. The waiting lines are long, the music is very loud and people are walking in all possible directions. It’s easy to lose your way and get lost. The area map doesn’t help much when this happens because not everything is highlighted on it. Despite all this, Gamescom is just awesome and I would advise every gamer to go there once in their lifetime. But avoid the weekend!

Drive Club Nissan1

I had the opportunity to play some really cool games and have had lots of good conversations with developers. All the developers I’ve met are great people that are over enthusiastic about games in a good way. They all share the same passion and that made me feel like I was at home.

Some of the games I played:

I’ve played lots of games at Gamescom and most of them are so awesome to play on the Vita or PS4, it literally felt like some of those games were already finished. I played Futuridium by Mixedbag Studios, and Mauro told me that the game on the showfloor was the finished version of it. This game is going to be one of my favourites when it releases. The neon colours and a crazy-good soundtrack will keep me busy for a while. Not to mention the trophies to earn and skins to unlock.

I also set a Vita on fire when I played Flame Over by Laughing Jackal. Al, one of the developers personally explained to me how the development is going and what they need to do before the game is finished and released this year; it was a really interesting conversation. The game is looking good. The cartoony graphics fit the game perfectly and the characters are really funny. The goal of the game is to save people and animals from buildings that are on fire. But that’s more easily said than done. In order to do this you need to control the fire, and make sure the fire won’t spread to an area you’ve just been in. As the player you need to learn about the combustible materials and how fast the fire will spread. Wooden walls and tables will catch fire quite easy and you really need to keep an eye out that it doesn’t spread too fast. The fire in the game is not just your normal fire. It can and will attack you. This sounds kind of weird but it’s quite logical. Expect to have a backdraft and die when you open doors to closed rooms that are on fire. Also beware of walls of fire and exploding materials that will shoot fireballs at you. This all seems challenging and it actually is. But do not fear, future firefighters, there are lots of upgrades you can buy to make your job a bit easier. There is a lot more I can tell you about the game but I insist you watch the gameplay trailer released last Friday and see for yourselves!

She has a red hood, kills wolves like a pro, jumps over pitfalls with ease and lives in a grey and grim world! Yes, I’m talking about Wolfe: The Red Hood Diaries by Grin Games. It may not be fair to compare this awesome game with American McGee’s: Alice, but the game does have the same grim and creepy look. And this fits absolutely perfectly. The game is a platformer in which you’ll have to jump gaps and obstacles, run, fight wolves and other creatures, use magic and solve puzzles. Ooh and you have to defeat the evil Pinocchio who has his nose pierced with nails. How cool is that?! The graphics were stunning and I wish I’d had more time to play the game.

Watch this trailer for an impression:

Last but not least was A Clumsy Adventure by Excamedia. A Clumsy Adventure is a sidescrolling platformer in which you play as Zack, a boy that ends up activating a device that teleports him and Vector, a robot, to another world. Here they accidentally trigger a dangerous threat to humanity. The game is a 2.5D platformer and will be released in episodes on PS4 and Vita. The version I’ve played is a very early version and was built in just over a month.

Little Big Planet Booth1

I played lots of other games and saw some really cool cosplay. We’ll be posting more photos over the next few days for you to check out. It’s safe to say we can’t wait to be at GC15 next year!


Verocious is our contributor from The Hague and is an avid gamer since the day his father bought his first computer. He grew up playing games like Wolfenstein 3d, Duke Nukem and Tomb Raider. Although he loves all kinds of genres, he’s not really familiar with JRPG and Sports games. His favourite of all time is The Last of Us, and has a big love for Indie games.