It’s widely acknowledged that FuturLab are ridiculously good at what they do and for very good reason too, which in turn puts FuturLab in the position of having to strive for perfection in pretty much everything they do. FuturLab have given PlayStation some essential gaming gems and their latest release Surge is no different. Following the success of its Velocity series of games for PlayStation Vita, FuturLab were invited by Abertay University to take part in a groundbreaking initiative that sees students embark on prototyping projects in partnership with the company.

Students from separate courses including Production, Programming, Art & Design were brought together to form two game development teams to work on briefs supplied by FuturLab. The two teams totalling over 20 students are now working on prototypes with the company; the results of which will remain under FuturLab’s ownership.

FuturLab’s satellite teams (‘Velocity Raptors’ & ‘Sasquatch’) at Abertay University’s PlayStation Vita Lab, a new initiative to get students ready for the workplace.

James Marsden, FuturLab’s Managing Director said:

“As a small team of ten working hard on Velocity 2X – our most ambitious title yet – it’s been quite a challenge to remain focused on what’s coming next, so having an opportunity to effectively triple our workforce to create prototypes for a year without risk is fantastic. It’s also a great opportunity for the students as they’re able to benefit from mentorship and regular feedback to hit the high standards that we set for ourselves.”


Professor Louis Natanson, who heads up computer games education at Abertay University said:
“Our students benefit enormously from the experience of working with the professionals from FuturLab. We are very grateful for the care they have taken to provide genuine mentorship to our students.”

Dr Iain Donald, Abertay University course lecturer added:
“Working with a creative, innovative and award-winning studio like FuturLab sets a level of professionalism for our students to aspire to.”

The two teams will be presenting their fully playable prototypes later this year, one of which is a spin off from the Velocity series, and one a completely new concept that carries the same design ethos as other FuturLab games.

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