Our overall verdict "silver"

Furmins takes you to a distant, faraway place filled with tranquility. A dream like land where candy grows on trees, lush green meadows sway in the breeze and the sweet sound of chimes fill the warm daytime air. A fairy tale forgotten place where only tiny innocent Furmins inhabit the land. It’s a lovely looking and endearing physics puzzle game for the Playstation Vita, and is compliments of Beatshapers and Housemarque.


Furmins creates its own unique feel which immediately puts this head scratcher in a different league to other budget PSN releases. Each level requires you to fathom how to propel the falling Furmins upwards using the power of momentum. Furmins themselves are fun, small, cute balls of fluff that need help reaching their nest. Doing this award’s you with stars, each level consisting of three in total. Gaining three stars is done by snatching all the candy, completing the level in under the set time and safely guiding all the Furmins home. Using trampolines, conveyer belts, melting ice blocks and obstacles to momentarily push the Furmins home bound is the tricky part. Thankfully you don’t need to meet all 3 objectives in one attempt. That would be crazy but don’t scoff, you may well do it once in a while. Constructing different paths enables you to gain the 3 objectives, so each stage provides a different thought process. Well coordinated pixel precision and a delicate touch is paramount here to succeed. Who says you need to be armed to the teeth to have fun?


The gameplay does rely heavily on trial and error, but once mastered will cue a few eureka moments. Sometimes moving a platform 1/100 of a millimetre to the left or positioning a block slightly more to the right can make all the difference. You don’t need a degree in physics either, so you can put your set square, 180° protractor, 15 cm ruler, metal compass, 9 cm pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser and 10mm stencil away. Luckily your brain seems to understand quicker than you realise, so zapping through the first level of 12 stages takes a quick, fun, easy few minutes. The levels do get harder, but thankfully never to a point that kills the game. There are 8 worlds to Furmin‘s and each one is cute and welcoming. Once one world is open, you can pick and choose which level to ponder over. Where Furmins really excels though is that it never feels repetitive. Each level throws totally different problems at you. Moreover, rearranging and reloading levels are instant which really makes for an increasingly flowing and addictive puzzler.

Furmins is a perfect fit on the Vita and looks gorgeous. Sweet, innocent and endearing with oodles of charm…Furmins is a place to return to again and again.


Lizard rating: 8/10