Furi is all about the tension of one-on-one fights. There’s no luck or endless slashing your opponent in the hopes of connecting a fluke hit. Oh no. Furi is a furious fighting game that nails what it sets out to do and today the fighter gets its first and only DLC.

One More Fight will have players stand up one last time for their freedom in an intense fight against The Flame, a revengeful opponent that will challenge their skills and test their wit to the extremes.

The pack features a new fight against a boss designed by Takashi Okazaki, in a new arena, with music by Scattle. The content is playable in Furi and Furier difficulty modes. The Game Bakers have been teasing about some extra content without revealing more.

The DLC is priced $3.99 / €3.99.

A patch today brings features required by players like the alternate control scheme and several fixes and improvements.

Furi will also be discounted for the occasion, -30% for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and -20% for PlayStation players in North America.

Take your aggression out on Furi!