Our overall verdict "silver"

Vizewaldmeister gives us a summary of Fort Defense, one PS Vita release that slipped through the net and received little press coverage. Take it away Vizewaldmeister…

Haaarrrrr…you landlubbers hoist the sails and loose the anchor!” 8 Floor brings us Fort Defense, a tower defense game steering dead ahead on your PS Vita system. If you are into tower defense games, this one fires a broadside of fun straight upon you.


The aim of the game is to protect your outpost against nasty ships, boats and a raging sea monster. Therefore you need to build towers along the seaway and cast some spells upon your foes. As you advance in campaign mode you unlock new towers, but the enemy will improve its navy too. Every tower has a certain attack range indicated by a yellow circle around itself and holds certain abilities. For example, the crossbow tower can attack enemies that are by sea and by air while the artillery tower can cause damage on a larger area. Every tower can be upgraded twice and then be transformed into one of two possible new towers.  The cannon tower can be transformed into a long-range-rifle-tower with a huge damage output but a low rate of fire or vice versa. Where as the gatling-tower has a high rate of fire but with less damage. Depending on how well you have fought, your pay (barrells of rum) can be invested into upgrades for your spells and towers. There is a 3 star ranking and upgrades can be bought in the in-game store.


Knowing the basics you can be put straight out to sea and start work to protect your outpost in over 20 stages. Wait 20 stages? That’s quite a long journey, ok let us have Petty Officer Second Class Sparrow check if there are enough lemons aboard so no one gets infected by scurvy. Sadly there aren’t 20 different maps as some are repeated but with tougher enemies.


Although the graphics aren’t as higher quality as other Vita games out there, the whole package is consistent. Sure, the level design is very static as the only moving objects are the enemies and your towers, but each map was designed in a caring way. Ship wrecks, implied ocean animals and all kinds of pirate paraphernalia lay scattered across the beaches, and not forgetting the odd skeleton too.

Altogether 8 Floor has released a kraken…um I mean they have released a great tower defense game for all the Vita gamers out there. Additionally, you can see in the main menu a second campaign is in the planning. Fort Defense comes with 5 bronze :bronze, 4 silver :silver and 1 gold trophy :gold. It’s quite an easy 100% and takes 239 MB memory card space at a total price of £3.99/$4.99/€4.99.

Check out my trophy guide that will show you how to achieve the 100% rating, painlessly.

Vizewaldmeister Rating: 8/10