Fort Defense – Game Guide

All hands ahoy, Vizewaldmeister comes with his first game guide and takes a look at Fort Defense, a tower defense game published by 8 Floor for PS Vita. This guide will show you how to achieve the 100% rating, which actually isn´t too hard. Let´s have a short glimpse at all the trophies first:


One thousand demons – 1000 ships sunk
Favorite tower – All improvements purchased on a single tower
Strike me down! – Level failed 3 times in a row
Sea dog – Level completed in fast mode
Long John Silver – Only one enemy ship attacked the outpost gates during the level


Top marks – Level completed without using more than 5 towers
Warlock – One spell improved to maximum level
Last chance – Level completed with last remaining life
Magic storm – 200 spells cast


Invulnerable – All episode levels completed with 3 stars

One important reminder is that you can gain barrels of rum for every level, depending on how well you fought. This means the less your outpost is damaged the more stars and levels will be ranked and the more barrels you will be given. Each level can bring you a maximum of 20 barrels of rum, when completed perfect, i.e. the outpost remains unharmed. Thus you can gain 400 barrels throughout the whole game. To achieve all trophies in only one run you have to spend about 350 barrels on one specific spell and each tower. Which spell and which tower can basically be your own choice, I stuck with the meteor shower spell and the crossbow tower. I invested the first barrels in the common upgrades for more gold in the beginning (2 upgrades) and the one for more bounty (1 upgrade). This is less than the remaining 50 barrels you have to save for the tower and spell upgrades. After that I spent the barrels on the tower and then on the spell. The crossbow tower seems to be a quite good choice as it can shoot as well at air as at sea targets.

Okay, next stop our defense network. The Ministry of Caribbean Defense grants you access to three different kinds of towers, the crossbow, cannon and artillery tower as well as mines. The mines are sort of special, as they do not really attack but give you a certain amount of gold (+5) after a certain time. Each can be upgraded two times for an increase in firepower as well as range or income when upgrading mines (+7, +9). After those upgrades you can choose out of two transformations for every tower which are as follows, a tower that slows the enemy or stuns it (crossbow tower), a sniper tower or machine gun tower (cannon tower), a rocket tower or flame thrower tower (artillery tower), and a tower that buffs other towers within range or a teleportation tower (mines).

As Sun Tzu already told us in the art of war: “It is said that knowing yourself and knowing your enemy, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; …” Thus we shall take one closer look at our impending threat. There are several enemies trying to destroy your outpost, most of them engage you by sea, but few will try by air like the zeppelin or the balloon. The zeppelin is persistent but quite slow, while the balloon is weak but fast. By sea you will face some more opponents. The cutter and the brig both very fast the latter one slightly slower but more armored. Frigates are quite slow but can take more damage than cutter or brig. Healing floats are weak but mostly they come en masse and that’s the dangerous part of them as they heal themselves and neighboring ships. Sea monsters, most men thought are legends, but those beasts are some nasty fellows as they deactivate towers in range and summon frigates. Next foe on the list is the chieftain. This guy buffs enemy ships and can take quite some damage. The torpedo boat is another mean bastard, right after you killed that guy he shoots three very fast torpedoes at your outpost. The ghost ship can take quite some damage before it really vanishes into the void needlessly it can´t be stunned. The dreadnought is the toughest ship you will ever see and cannot be damaged by fire. At stage 10 and 20 you will be engaging bosses which are upgraded versions of some basic foes.

Step-by-step the game grants you access to the different spells which are shown on the bottom right on the screen and have a cool-down timer. A nice “bug” is the fact that you can cast spells while having the game paused. The meteor shower spell deals damage on a small area. The poison cloud deals damage over time after enemies went through the cloud. The reef spell deals great damage but therefore has a long cool-down and is best combined with the iceberg spell which stops all ships in front of the iceberg. With this you can gather many foes on one spot. The last spell is the hero spell which increases range and strength of your towers for a short time. Best place for all spells are crossings in order to deal damage at as many enemies as possible.

Having learned the ropes you can start the trophy hunting. Starting stage 1 one just has to sell the crossbow tower at the outpost and switch to fast mode. After 25 cutters having reached the outpost the level will be failed. Repeating this two times more the first trophy Strike me down! will pop. The fourth try in stage 1 one has only to buy four more crossbow towers and finish the stage for Top marks. Then one more time stage 1. This time you have to let only 1 cutter slip through your defense and finish the stage then for Long John Silver. Easiest way would be killing all ships except the last one and then sell all towers. Next step Stage 1 in fast mode to get Sea dog. Then once more stage 1 for Last chance. Therefore you sell the crossbow tower and let the first 24 cutters get through. Now simply play along until you have finished half of the stages and spent your achieved barrels on the tower and spell of your choice. Now you can repeat the stages without a 3 star ranking with the upgraded towers. Getting 3 stars on each stage gets you the Invulnerable trophy. Thus you have enough barrels of rum to fully upgrade one tower and spell so that Favorite tower and Warlock will pop. Throughout the game One thousand demons and Magic storm should have popped. Ta-dah! You have reached 100%. Congrats!


More from Vizewaldmeister , our main man in Germany soon!