Forgotten Ball is 2.5D minimalist anthropomorphic platforming game, set within an isolated open cubic tower. The game is inspired by a love for the older platform games of the 90’s, Forgotten Ball takes notes from Kula World and Marble Madness, working with old mechanics and adding the new technical enhancements of today to fine-tune a precise exciting concept.

forttogon ball2

The game is set in an open (world) level, that allows you to travel all over the game, unhindered by the end of levels, timers or loading sections. There are intentional escapes and hidden areas, with rewards in the design for those who look for them.

Independent game developer Joshua Croft is a big PS Vita player and has a Kickstarter set at £4,500 to bring Forgotten Ball to the handheld. You can follow Joshua on twitter: @DoDonJoshua and head here to back his project.




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