Our overall verdict "bronze"

As we know pigs can’t fly but hamsters can right?

Released on PSN for the PS Vita, Flying Hamster HD is here and all is not what it seems. Straight off this could be R Type or Scramble, but instead you are traversing the universe in an intergalactic alien craft with warp speed capabilities. In Flying Hamster HD you play as a hamster with leaf wings that spits bananas.

Scrolling left to right, Mr Hamster needs to reach each end boss by blasting everything in sight. Hoping rams, crows and hens there are more animals here than in Noah’s Ark. You are armed with a stunning array of weapons such as cherry’s, bees and bananas which makes for a very bright colourful cartoon time on Flying Hamster. If your 3 year old needs visually entertaining then turn off the Disney channel because this game is cartoon heaven.


I’m a huge shoot ’em up fan and this is no different. If you’re stuck on Sine Mora then here is your welcome break. However don’t think this sugar coated ride is an easy one. Three attempts with continues and a clever trophy system means this is another challenging budget game for the Vita. Flying Hamster HD will have your attention because it is a fine 2D Shooter that comes freshly wrapped in a cartoon world where anything coming at you is possible.

What makes Flying Hamster HD slightly more enjoyable than some of the other cheaper Vita releases about at present is the thought that has gone into the trophies. There are 13 bronze :bronze, 1 Silver :silver and 1 gold :gold and bagging these brings more interest to the game.

Priced at £2.99 and possibly the same price as a gerbil, The Game Atelier have brought to the Vita a different and welcome take on the scrolling shoot ’em up genre.

Lizard rating 7/10

Developer:The Game Atelier
Publisher: The Game Atelier
Genre: Shooter