Our overall verdict "silver"

I adore thatgamecompany. Their commitment to bringing not just games but experiences is truly inspiring. It wasn’t long ago I was raving about the bewildering wonder of Flower. But before Flower, there was flOw. No I didn’t accidentally hit the Caps Lock key. And besides, as far as I’m concerned if thatgamecompany want to write Flow like flOw then we shouldn’t even question it. Seriously, we’re working with geniuses here. Even when they write a single word they make you look at it twice, and I love them for it.


The premise in flOw is that you control a microorganism through layers of water by tilting your DS4, delving further and further down to reach your finish line of an egg. You have 5 different creatures to mirror the 5 campaigns you have to play through. The whole game can be completed in about half an hour. That’s why it’s hard to not be impressed by how much I still want to pick this game up weeks after starting it. flOw is deliberately indefinite, and in being so it leaves it up to you as to how you want to play it. Your microorganism can become bigger and more evolved based on what it eats, so you can either blaze through, purely concentrating on finishing, or you can eat as many other microorganisms as you can stomach and become a giant…thing.


Your aim in each layer (or level) is to eat the (-) symbol. This will send you further down into the aquatic depths and closer to reaching the egg. When you reach the egg, you will change into another creature and flow through a different world. The cycle is then repeated, albeit with some pretty mean looking creatures floating in your way. It’s been commented on how relaxing a game flOw is. Personally, I find the experience quiet eerie. Either way, it’s an experience that should be appreciated, respected and explored. Trophy hunters will be in heaven with flOw too. For £3.99, you get the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita versions. All hold separate trophy lists and they are all very attainable. The Expansion Pack DLC is also cross buy, but your only reason to buy this would be if you’re OCD about making sure you have 100% on your trophy list (a group I definitely fall into) as all it adds is a different ‘food’ to the layers and doesn’t change the experience too much. In any event, the main game is only £3.99 and I personally think it is worth it in able to have the full flOw experience.


flOw is a game I could write for hours about. I could talk to you about all the different abilities of the creatures or the colours or what it all means but really, I just want you to play it, explore it and hopefully love it as much as I do. Despite originally being released in 2007, it turns out that even now, flOw is still awesOme.


Punk rating: 8.5/10