Our overall verdict "silver"

Team 17, the team behind the legendary Worms series, are back. And this time, it’s all about the sheep. You herd me (Get it..herd?!) Jokes aside, it’s time to Meet the Flockers…

Comfortable? Good. Welcome to the Flock Party. If you’re a fan of Worms, you’ll be in bleating heaven here. Everything will feel familiar. The scenery, the controls, the humour – it’s all here. That’s not to say you’re merely replacing worms with sheep. For one, you’re constantly moving, Lemmings style. You need to guide your fluffy army of sheep from A to B by collecting crates which give you and the sheep abilities to keep on keepin’ on. As you would guess, some of the abilities are ludicrously enjoyable. Your sheep will be running up walls, turning into wooly jumpers and flying about all over the shop. As their shepherd, you’ll be able to place blocks enabling Flocky Balboa and the rest of them to climb up to other areas. With your help, there will be no sitting on the flock of the bay.


The good news is you only need one sheep to survive to clear any of the 60 levels. The more sheep you save however, the better your score. Additionally there is a special Golden Fleece to collect in each level. These aren’t your only incentives to save sheep though, and I’m not talking about them being super cute and lovely (which they are). The plight of the sheep you fail to guide home safely is a surprisingly violent one. It’s one of the main aspects that makes Flockers stand on its own as opposed to being another Worms game. The sheep that don’t make it tend to be hacked to pieces spilling blood everywhere. It’s definitely not as tongue as cheek as the fatalities in Worms, possibly because of the niggling feeling that that is how most sheep come to an end in the real world. Still, you then remind yourself that you’re a grown adult, playing a game about sheep. And for the most part, Flockers is absolutely ace. But that’s not surprising, as Team 17 have been producing quality for a very long time. Furthermore, the added highlight of 6 hidden bonus levels really make this worth the price of admission.


No need to feel sheepish about this one, Team 17 have guided another great game in to our hands. It’s time to flock n’ load. Baaaaaaa!

Punk rating: 8/10


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