Flat Kingdom by FatPanda Studios is a 2.5D puzzle game in which you control Flat, the main character of the game. Flat can change his shape to solve different kind of puzzles and fight enemies with. There are three different shapes you can change in, Triangle, circle and square. The different shapes will dramatically change the gameplay and you’ll need these skills to overcome challenges, such as enemies and puzzles. The game is now on Kickstarter and has a PS4 and PS Vita stretch goal.


The story:

In the world of Flat Kingdom there is a legend of a wizard that created 6 magical jewels to bring order to a world of chaos. Flat must stop him before it’s too late, but he is always one step ahead, the plot will unfold as you play, so a simple story will become something so much bigger. You have to discover the answer to these mysteries finishing the stages and visiting them again when you gain new skills that let you discover new paths in the adventure.

Check out this gameplay trailer to get a better look at the game.

This game is for all ages, and especially for those old-school gamers who want to go back to the days of challenging side-scrollers with modern touches.

The game is now on Kickstarter and it looks very promising. Flat Kingdom is combining old school side-scroller fun with modern day touches, has a very unique art style and an ingenious way to solve puzzles. We are definitely excited to see the game arrive on PS4 and PS Vita and get our hands on it. If you want to know more about the game, best check out their Kickstarter page or follow them on twitter for the latest updates on Flat Kingdom. You can also try the demo here!


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