After two years of intense development, Laughing Jackal are thrilled to announce the release date for their firefighting, twin-stick shooting, pyroguelike Flame Over.

The game will be available to purchase for PS Vita on Tuesday 10th March in the SCEA territories for the bargain price of just $9.99 and on Wednesday 11th March throughout the SCEE region for just €9.99.”

Laughing Jackal return to the PS Vita screen with Flame Over, a fire-fighting action Roguelike, featuring randomly generated levels, twin stick controls, fast-paced gameplay, permadeath  and dynamic fire that burns, spreads and threatens the player (and other NPCs) in some cool ways!

Your objective in Flame Over is simple, guide your heroic fire fighter, Blaze Carruthers, up through the floors of the Infernal Industries building in London, extinguishing all fires and rescuing all the stranded workers and – naturally – their pet cats as you go.