Developed by the team behind SEGA Bass Fishing, Let’s Fish! Hooked On is one of the rare fishing games to be offered on the PS3/Vita.  The game offers a few challenges but at the end of the day it is a fishing game. Whether you like it or not will be based on those facts. I personally have played my fair share of fishing games and tend to enjoy the change of pace. As one of the rare fishing games available for you to purchase, it is a fun game but it does get repetitive.



The game offers two different modes for you to play. The first mode is World Tour which you get to pick one of 4 characters and journey your way through events and challenges to improve your character and unlock lures. You will start off in Amateur Mode which is very forgiving and easy to win.  As you progress, you unlock higher difficulties which will challenge you.  The other mode available is Challenge mode which is the main mode to win new lures. Each challenge consists of 3 goals you must hit and if you hit all 3, you are rewarded with a lure. All the challenges though will not be available until you finish the world tour.  The challenges switch up from catching fish with total weight, to the biggest fish, and how many you catch which make it more interesting.

The only issue I have with the gameplay is a lack of an auto save option. If you upload your scores and totals to their server, it will auto save but if you decline it will not save. I personally do not like to rely on myself to remember to manually save the game.



One thing that was done great on this game is the controls. My biggest issue with the Vita is using the touch screen and rear touch pad when I do not want to. Let’s Fish! Hooked on gives you the option to use whichever method works for you.  THANK YOU.  If you like to use the touchpad, buttons, directional buttons you can use whatever your heart desires. For most of the controls, there are 2 or 3 different options you can use for certain actions. Why can’t more games do this?


There is not much I can say except after a few hours you will be muting your vita. The characters do get annoying but I wish the music was a little bit better. It’s really not that big of a deal to me because I did not play this game for the music but just in case it is important to you….well you have my opinion on it.


If you are looking for easy trophies it is just a matter of what you think of the time commitment to reach the platinum. As for overall difficulty, I would not rate this game any higher than a 3/10. You might start off a little rough but you figure it out.  If you are looking for the platinum though, you are probably looking at a 40 hour commitment.



Overall I will give the game a 5/10. It is not a bad game, but it is not a high budget title either. The game is really great in the fact you can pick it up for 20-30 minutes at a time and get a few things done which is exactly why I bought a Vita in the first place. If you enjoy fishing games on past systems then this game is definitely for you. If you are looking for a game for trophies though, I am sure you can find something else more worth your time.

Roughdawg4 rating  5.5/10


Release Date: January 31, 2013
Genre: Hunting
Publisher: Wired Productions