Indie developer Rogue Rocket Games today announces a partnership with GRIP Digital to bring their upcoming First Wonder to consoles.

First Wonder is a spiritual successor to Giants: Citizen Kabuto and MDK, both of which were originally created by my co-founder Nick Bruty. Play as one of a jet-packing deep space salvaging crew called the Cargonauts, and as a surprisingly devastating and agile giant creature, Monstro, as you learn the secrets of the Planet Majorca, and the mysterious prophecy that Monstro threatens to fulfill.

Through this partnership with GRIP Digital, First Wonder will now also come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, once fully funded on PC. Rogue Rocket Games is also announce that First Wonder – their hilarious, genre-bending spiritual successor to the beloved classics MDK and Giants: Citizen Kabuto – flew through Steam’s Greenlight process, passing in less than two weeks.