Eiconic Games release the trailer for their up coming intergalactic tower defence game Final Horizon.

Simon Credland, Art Director at Eiconic Games told us:

Final Horizon is a cinematic experience right from the beginning as the sun breaks over the Horizon of Vega Delta. Your journey will take you to 15 planets across the three solar systems with the 3D level select menus. With more planets than Destiny, you will face the insect-like Swarm from the deserts of Nhandu, on the sub-zero Ushtuk to the alien worlds of Kondoi.

Each planet has it’s own personality that affects the gameplay. The ice planets are so cold the mechanical Chaingun won’t function so you’ll need to bring the heat with the ‘Afterburner’ flamethrower. There are five different Killstreaks across the planets and the Swarm will attack in ever more ingenious and deadly waves.”

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