As you may have seen in previous features at P&L, we have been following Final Horizon from the early development stages right up to being able to play the first build.

Simon Credland, Creative Art director at Eiconic Games today gives us an update and a batch of exclusive screenshots from the PS Vita version of Final Horizon.

“From the word go the player is in for a cinematic experience as you scroll through one of three solar systems then orbit one of the planets, then play a mission on the planet’s surface or attack from the Orbital Attack platform. There are 8 mission objectives, varying from the frantic, to some more puzzling. We’ve included a series of VR (Virtual reality mode) tutorials to teach the player not only the controls but the strengths of the Weapon Towers, along with the unique attack patterns of the Swarm. You’ll need to learn these strengths to develop a winning strategy if you want to complete the game. While the Ps4 can naturally handle more particles/screen effects etc I still love seeing the game on the Vita, it has a great screen on it. We’ve changed a couple of things you might notice, like the top-down Firestrike Orbital Attack Platform – on some of these levels we’ve made the planets into smaller moons so you can see the curvature of the moon as they turn it looks really rather nice.”







Final Horizon will be be blasting onto your PS4 and PS Vita very soon.