One game we have featured a lot here on P&L is intergalactic tower defence game Final Horizon.

Today Eiconic Games tell us the game is set to launch Wed 3rd December in Europe, Tue 2nd December in US and Thur 4th December in Asia. The game will also be part of PS Plus in December for PS Vita.


Described as “2 minute tower defence”, Final Horizon is a new take on the popular strategy genre: a fast paced action packed strategic tower defence game like you’ve never seen before. Build and upgrade your defences to fight off the Swarm invaders. Chain enough kills to unleash one of the powerful killstreak attacks. Fight the Swarm across 3 solar systems, 15 planets and over 50 levels. Replay missions and complete over 100 objectives to earn a Platinum Trophy.

◾Fast paced tactical tower defence.
◾Build and upgrade your defences to defeat the Swarm across 50 levels over 10 hours of gameplay.
◾3D gameplay, cinematic Killstreaks, evolved enemy AI.
◾Ever wanted to shoot the legs off a spider from space? Space Invaders just got nasty.
◾Platinum Trophy!

Our review is on the way!