Final Horizon releases today on PS4 and PS Vita, the PS Vita version is part of December’s free PS Plus.

Today we get the latest news from Eiconic Games about the DLC pack entitled Dark Galaxy.

Simon Credland from Eiconic tells us: “Now this is much more than just a level pack- it’s simply of more of everything – there are new enemies – the Spider Bomb is very tricky.. Dark Hornets.. And other bigger Swarm units – I won’t spoil the surprise.

And during development – well during any development we always come up with great design ideas we just simply can’t fit into the schedule – so in this case we were able to add new weapons exclusively for the Dark Galaxy.


So I would like to introduce the EMP tower and the Plasma Cannon. The Plasma Cannon is the most powerful weapon in the game but it’s expensive, so can you hold on, save up then build one?

The EMP is different to any of the other weapon towers, build one, let it charge up..then you have to manually fire it yourself – and it doing so it destroys itself. These levels require faster twitch play, some of them right from the word go.

Put all these elements together and you’ll find the Dark Galaxy plays very differently to the main story game.

The level structure means it’s completely standalone – you can play it outside of the main game – without needing to finish that. It’s kind of faster, deeper, darker. I’m very pleased with how some of the puzzling action has come out on this – There are some great secondary challenges.”

The trophies include 5 bronze, 1 sliver and 1 gold.

Dark Galaxy is set to release today. If you missed our Final Horizon review, then check it out here.