Eiconic Games released the stunning gun-blazing budget hit Total Recoil early this year on the PS Vita. Total Recoil was a riot and made it to No.2 in July’s EU download chart.

Final Horizon is their next project and comes to both PS4 and PS Vita in 2014. We spoke to Si, Art and Creative Director at Eiconic Games to get the latest news on Final Horizon and see some out of this world graphics:

We are also hard at work on our next title ‘Final Horizon’ for PS VITA and PS4. At its core Final Horizon is a story driven Sci-Fi tower defence game where you’re tasked with defending human colonists in a far distant corner of the galaxy against the Insectors, a race of insect-like aliens with highly advanced and diverse weapons and technology. On top of that, we’re throwing in all sorts of extra cool features and ways to play the game that will mix things up a lot as you progress through the story. For example, in one level you might be franticly defending escape pods while you wait for them to launch, and the next you’ll be manning an orbiting weapons platform, raining down destruction on the robotic insectors. It’s gonna be a blast!

Their new Final Horizon Facebook is now up and running, so head there for all the latest news.

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