Our overall verdict "gold"

Anyone who has seen Indie Game: The Movie will know about Fez, and probably more about its creator Phil Fish. I found Fish an intense but very likeable person in that movie. Some may disagree. What I liked about him essentially was his honesty. If he was pissed off? He showed it. If he was happy, he’d show it. The reason I mention this is because Fez is very much the same. It has an honesty and integrity about it that shouldn’t be ignored. The game is a stunning piece of work created by in my mind, a genius. It can be also be incredibly frustrating at times, but this is all part of the plan. It’s about a journey.


Exteriorly the game is an 8 bit puzzle platformer where you star as the cutest character in the whole world. He receives a fez hat and it literally changes his world. Previously in 2D, he can now see the world in 3D. Can’t reach a ledge? No problem. Hit the trigger buttons to turn the world sideways – now you can reach it. As you delve further into the world it can become harder and harder to find your way around. There are cubes to find, hidden warp gates, treasure maps, platforms concealed by rain and more. It’s a beautiful journey that as a gamer you’ll feel privileged to be part of. But as a reviewer, I find Fez serving up the ultimate dilemma. I don’t want to write about it. The game needs to be seen. Words almost trivialise the experience. Instead of you reading about it, I want you to experience it. I want you to feel it.


So please – close the web browser, load up your PS4, or your PS3, or your Vita and shut out the outside world. There’s a far more beautiful world waiting for you, and it’s donning a Fez hat.

Phil Fish, you may not be making games anymore – but you did a hell of a job leaving us with a game that should be remembered as a truly, magical journey. As a gamer, as a writer and as a person – Thank you.

Punk rating: 9/10