Hardcore PS4 platformer Fenix Rage is now confirmed for PS Vita too. Check out the new Fenix Rage Boss trailer and then ask yourself this question: Will you have what it takes to triumph or will you be just another Rage Quitter?

Costa Rican indie game developer Green Lava Studios is pleased to present a brand new trailer for their anticipated hardcore action-platformer, Fenix Rage. Showcasing “The Moorsky” world three level, this gameplay trailer shows off new devious level designs, additional game mechanics, and the frantic pace of action that has become a trademark of this charmingly frustrating title.

Fenix Rage is a stylish, aggravatingly addictive 2D platformer that will have gamers exclaim in frustration and exult in victory as they navigate through hundreds of palm-sweating levels to reach… a cookie?! Best played with patience and a glass of milk.


An inspired and frenetically-paced 2D platformer, Fenix Rage tests players’ ability to run, jump, and dash their way through a maze of dangerous obstacles, across hundreds of lightning-paced levels, all in an effort to track down a shadowy villain. Loads of different enemies, slick retro-inspired music, vivid level landscapes await gamers with the mettle to play. Players will struggle mightily to climb the Leaderboard with the best time and fewest deaths and then rub it in the face of their friends.


Features include

◾Hardcore fast-paced platformer.
◾Full Xbox 360 controller and gamepad compatibility.
◾9 unique worlds, 200+ levels.
◾Cookie-based achievement system.
◾Non-text storytelling.
◾2 unlockable endings.

Check out what to expect in Fenix Rage

Fenix Rage is slated for release in the fall.