Our overall verdict "High Five"

Guest review Vizewaldmister grabs his Barbour Jacket and Vierzonord Le Chameau boots and takes a look at Farming Simulator for the PS Vita. Published by Giants Software GmbH and judging from the number of sales the PC version was able to achieve, you may wonder how the handheld version may turn out.

As you can guess by the name the game is all about farming. You start your agricultural career in a cozy little village. At the beginning of your farming life you are in possession of your own little farmstead which is equipped with limited machines and fields. In order to buy new equipment like better tractors or harvesters, as well as additionally fields, you have to harrow and till the fields. You don’t stop there, also you need to water and fertilize your crops and afterwards harvest them.

The city your farm is settled in comes up with everything an uprising farmer needs. There are several consumers together with a shop. In the shop you mostly have the choice between two different kinds of machines; though basically the low-price equipment is sufficient. For more money you can increase the range, volume or power of your machines, meaning you could water or seed out more crops at the same time. The places you sell your crops obey the law of supply and demand. You can grow wheat, rape and corn. The more of each one sells the less money you will get with the prices normalizing over time. A nice feature offered is the fact that you can hire employees that take care of all the watering, fertilizing and harvesting helping the player to get things along as the steering of the machines can be quite tricky. All incurred costs for seeds, water or employees are simply withdrawn from your account as long as you have activated the “autopilot”. Some kind of quest system is added since every now and then the inhabitants will ask for your help to search some missing cogwheels or water bottles.


Theoretically you may think we have everything for a nice agricultural economy simulation to go. After the first euphoric hours have passed by there is one big thing buzzing about the room. Routine. When having managed to get some new tractors plus additional fields all you can do is tilling, seeding, fertilizing and then watching the crop ripen and afterwards harvest it. Well, like I mentioned in the beginning that’s what the title promises. In comparison to the PC Version there are some features missing. You can´t buy animals, the amount of vehicles is limited, the graphics is slightly inferior. To sum up I have to say that there are too many features missing to keep the player interested. So the game has a good base to start from but then hasn´t got its act together and thus lacks a proper cost-benefit ratio.

Altogether the game has 20 trophies, 5 bronze, 5 silver and 9 gold as well as a platinum one. Farming Simulator takes 75 MB of your Memory Card at and comes with a price of 6.49£/9.99$/7.99€. Stuck in the mud? You may well be.

Vizewaldmeister Rating 5/10