Gothic themed action game Exorcism is coming to PS Vita!

Russia based developer Slush Games shared some awesome information with me about their newest game Exorcism. Exorcism will take over your Vita soon with dual stick controls, RPG elements and you play as the beautifull redhead lady Dana. What more do you want?


The game takes place in gothic fantasy world where dark creatures terrorizes peaceful people. It is a dawn of dark age – time when people can’t live their usual
lives. To protect those people there are special forces called Exorcists – and you play as one of them: the girl named Dana. She uses her crossbows and magic skills to
wipe out this unholy mess. Her goal is not only to defeat those undead enemies but destroy root of the problem – you should help her to find who is behind this terror.


The gameplay is a very straightforward yet challenging and addictive. You have to destroy waves of enemies and keep you from injures in the same time.This core
gameplay combined with heavy RPG elements. Exorcism is an action game in abandoned genre “dual-stick shooter” with gothic atmosphere, a lot of magic, loot, upgrades and all of it with nice 3D graphics, and most importantly: very fun gameplay.

exorcist 1


  • Great grim gothic atmosphere
  • Nice 3D graphics which push to limit modern devices
  • Loot drop, upgrades, many magic skills and tons of enemies
  • Support for gamepads on all platforms, including mobile
  • Very fun, simple, yet deep gameplay


Please note that the game has only been in development for 6 weeks and to be honest I think Exorcism looks very awesome already.

Slush Games also mentioned that they want to bring the game to consoles but said that they can’t promise it at the moment. We’ll keep you posted about any news about Exorcism. In the mean while, follow Slush Games on twitter and tell ’em Punk and Lizard send you!


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