Our overall verdict "bronze"

Eufloria was previously released on the PS3 in 2011. Fast forward to now and the real time strategy game with a twist has now been given the HD, touchscreen treatment on the Vita. It’s definitely a game that needs to be seen to be understood, so putting it into words is a tricky one. It’s more based on a feeling.


The game does a great job of easing you in. You essentially need to send seedlings to occupy asteroids to progress. You can also decide how many seedlings you want to send. If you send 10, they can then plant a tree on that asteroid which will then spawn more seedlings. The visuals are consistently exquisite throughout and being able to zoom in on the seedlings is a really lovely touch. It’s all done on the touchscreen and is very responsive throughout. You have different types of seedlings and the more you delve into the world of Eufloria the more asteroids you will have to occupy and unfortunately, the more enemies you will have to keep at bay! Like any RTS game, it’s about multitasking and not overusing what’s at your disposal. There are 25 levels here in the main mode and it gets pretty difficult towards the end.

Eufloria HD is great value for money too. The campaign alone takes a long time to finish, so throw in Dark Matter mode and Skirmish Arenas and you have a lot of game time here for only £7.99 (£6.79 for PS Plus members). Another cool thing is that you can speed up the game, so feel free to give your plant like army a kick up the behind to get a move on. All in all though, Eufloria HD is a very relaxing, thought provoking and intelligent release and is well worthy of your time.


Eufloria HD is a relaxing journey definitely worth taking. Ambient music accompanies this gorgeous looking and thoroughly enjoyable RTS game and it is the game equivalent of getting in a hot, soothing bath after a long day at work. Put your feet up and unwind.


Punk rating: 7.5/10