Our overall verdict "Hit for Six"

Ethan: Meteor Hunter hits Playstation Vita this week, which is ironic because you’ll spend a lot of time wanting to hit your Vita whilst playing it. Don’t get me wrong, Seaven Studio’s puzzling platformer is delivered well, but at times my brain couldn’t decipher how to jump to the next block, let alone solve some of the complicated puzzles. Ethan: Meteor Hunter will test the most calm of people, but that seems to have been Seaven’s plan all along.


Ethan: Meteor Hunter combines core action mechanics with a very useful trait that this cute rat Ethan has obtained: telekinesia. Ethan can literally stop time and move objects around in order to solve puzzles and progress. You can’t just stop time and move objects whenever you feel like it though, you have to collect items that enable you to do it. If you use one and get the puzzle wrong, then you’re screwed pretty much. It can prove to be a frustrating experience. That being said, Ethan can be a lot of fun. When you do figure out moving forward you feel like the man. I got through one stage and thought my wife would find me instantly better looking as a result of my new found handheld genius. But then Ethan will bring you back down to earth with another hair tearing level. We’re dealing with a teeth clencher here folks.


I think it’s important to point out my lack of intelligence with the puzzles within the levels can be another gamer’s gaming delight. Some will revel in the challenge. There’s certainly a lot to get stuck into, and an incredibly clever thing about this game is there is more than one way to solve puzzles. At times, you can progress multiple ways. The touchscreen and rear touch pad are also used to great effect – moving objects on the touchscreen is really easy and smooth.

The game is also cross buy, which is always awesome. The cross buy is not the only positive either. There are many likeable things about this game, because despite the sadistic difficulty, I kept coming back to it. And for that it is quite a unique experience. It’s like eating your favourite food with a sore tooth. The sweet don’t taste the same without the sour.


There’s a lot to admire in Ethan: Meteor Hunter. It’s a brutal puzzling platformer that utilises the Vita’s controls to great effect, but be prepared to make friends with frustration. Ethan: Meteor Hunter takes you back to a time where you can’t 100% a game in 3 days. Ethan: Meteor Hunter is the gaming equivalent of driving to your favourite place, with a guy in the other lane cutting you off constantly and giving you the finger. If you can handle the road rage, you’ll get there eventually.

Punk rating: 6.5/10