The great guys at Manavoid have a kickstarter running for their upcoming game Epic Manager. Currently the PS4 and Vita are stretch goals ($125,000), but Manavoid tells us they want to release the game on PlayStation after the initial release on PC, Mac and Linux. You can read more about this in our interview with Manavoid below.

About Epic Manager:

Epic Manager is a 2D Strategy RPG based in an Epic Fantasy world where, for the first time ever, you create your very own Adventuring Agency. As the manager of this agency, your job is to send adventurers throughout the realm to accomplish quests in return for farm and a percentage of the loot! The experience to be a fun and addictive mix between puzzle, strategy & logic oriented gameplay when managing parties, narrative events and adventurer progression, and a completely frantic but strategic time based gameplay when resolving quests and encounters.

epic 2

The game is a fresh new take on a genre we all know and love. Players explore a living world with hundreds of random encounters, events and quests that forge an emergent narrative with your choices, making your play through different every single time. The gameplay features the roster management & character progression of games like Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics, narrative choices & consequences in the beloved tradition of gamebooks series such as Choose your own Adventure or Fighting Fantasy, the epic scope of a Dungeon & Dragons campaign or a Lord of the Rings novel, and the humoristic tone of the Princess Bride all in one awesome package.

epic 3

Best check out this trailer for a better look at the game.

I had the opportunity to speak with Chris, Simon and Frank, the ManaVoid Dev Team and to find out more about Epic Mananger.

Can you tell us something about ManaVoid Entertainment

ManaVoid Entertainment is an indie game studio based in Montreal, Canada. It was founded by 3 friends who met in a postgrad program in Game Design at the University of Montreal. We are all gamers at heart with very different tastes and adding our influences into our games makes the experiences we create very unique and fun for a wide variety of gamers! You will all be able to see this in our latest project called Epic Manager, where you create and manage your very own Adventuring Agency!

What is your proudest feature or what excites you the most about the game?

Having the player act as an Adventuring Agent is a premise that has never been seen before! This allows us to combine mechanics from RPGs, Strategy Games and Management Simulations in very unique and cool ways. This combination is something very fresh and fun; all while reaching fans of many different genres all at once.

What inspired you the most to make this game?

We are very passionate people and we love to do a bit of everything on a project so the indie dev route was always the best one for us. Simon loves RTS games, Frank is a big fan of the Epic Fantasy genre and Chris loves fantasy sports, so our love and passion for this game grew pretty organically once we got the idea. Epic Manager is an awesome game with a great premise; it’s also very unique in its genre so we knew we just HAD to make this game to bring this new experience to players everywhere!

Can we expect the PS4/Vita version soon after the initial release?

Once the game is made the way we want it, it will be our priority to release it on as many platforms as possible! Playstation is great for indie devs because they’ve facilitated our access to their platform in incredible ways since the PS4 came out, allowing us to reach a brand new audience! PlayStation clearly understands the realities of being an independent studio and they have been very good at promoting the indie scene in the past two years so it is an obvious choice as a platform for us!

Is there anything else you would like to add.

We would like to thank everyone who has been supporting us on Kickstarter, we’ve been able to reach 33% of our goal in less than a week and that is really amazing! But the campaign isn’t over yet and we have some very cool stretch goals that we would love to reach so come check us out out Kickstarter. We are also very active on our message board so don’t be a stranger!

Thank you PunkAndLizard for the opportunity and see you in the realm of Astraeus!

– Chris, Simon and Frank, the ManaVoid Dev Team


You can find Manavoid on twitter for the latest news on Epic Manager or be epic and visit their kickstarter if you want to pledge and support the developers!


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