Kaio Interactive bring its frantic flapping game, Leave the Nest, to PS4 and PS VR today.

You assume the role of one of over twenty birds whose time has come to venture into the world and leave the nest and fly as far as they can. Explore far off lands, from tranquil forests to snow capped mountains. Swoop between volcanoes spewing hot lava in the mountain zone or risk getting splashed in the fountain zone. Gatecrash celebrations in Chinatown with fireworks being sent into the skies all around you, or swerve through windows in the London inspired classic city.

Leave the Nest will be available March 14th and supports flapping your arms with the PS Move mogtion controllers or the more sedate mode of play using the Dualshock controller. With over 16 birds (+1 bat) and 25+ zone types to fly through there is something for all fliers big or small.