EarthNight will launch first on PS4, and shortly after on PS Vita in 2015.

PlayStation report:

EarthNight is a hand painted roguelike runner about the dragon apocalypse. Dragons have taken over the Earth and exiled the decimated human population to outer space. Our outraged heroes Stanley and Sydney decide to skydive to the planet’s surface, taking out as many dragons as they can on their way. Stanley is for beginners with a simpler control scheme. Sydney is for experts with a less intuitive, but ultimately more rewarding control scheme.The game alternates between running on the backs of dragons and skydiving through a sea of the vile beasts. The running sections are frantic, fast paced and filled with danger, while the skydiving sections serve as an alive level select and a break from the action.

From the very beginning, we wanted every moment of the game to look and feel like a living work of art. Every visual element is painted by the unbelievably talented Paul Davey (Mattahan). Paul’s unique fantastical style and original characters inspired the entire EarthNight universe.