Our overall verdict "High Five"


Handy Games return to PlayStation 4 with Dynamite Fishing – World Games and hope to drag you in hook line and sinker.

You’re the owner of a bath tub and you set sail across the globe with one goal in mind, to catch as many fish as possible. As there’s dynamite in the title, you’ve guessed it, leave that fishing rod at home. To catch supper in this game all you need to do is hurl constant streams of explosives into the water, sending fish floating upwards. Don’t worry, it’s all done as tastefully as possible. You’re also armed with little extras such as a sexy fish, a stinky shoe, a squirrel bomb, a fridge, a gatling gun, and nukes. Such little beauties can be used to help wipe out scores of fish when the time seems right. You’ll also pick up extra projectiles on route too. Unfortunately you can only house three of these extras. While Dynamite Fishing is a repetitive fishing trip, this does help slightly in mixing up the gameplay.


In single player mode you’re pit against one other opponent whose job it is to out-fish you. There are 5 levels in single player to unlock and each ping with a trophy and can completed easily. Levels are short and are split into sections with a timer telling you when to advance onto the next screen. There’s a flow to the game and with the cartoony look, Dynamite Fishing – World Games looks shiny and bright, but the game is hardly challenging so you’ll advance quickly on your world tour and bash out the stages easily. There are extra challenges to complete if you’re willing to stick with it. Adding extra terror in the seas are large nasties lying in wait to distract you. These also have the ability to sink ships.


Backdrops and landscapes change for each country you sail in and you’ll even be catching koi carp in the Far East if you so wish. Such good catches earn you upgrades so you’ll be changing that comical bath tub to a Simon Cowell yacht pretty quickly. There’s an array of characters to unlock including Redneck Joe, Metal Moe, DJ Dynamite, Wild Wendy or even Mr Death himself. Each character has their own unique super powers and each sailor can be customised with funky accessories, bling and gimmicks.

This fishing trip does come with a fantastic soundtrack and also the use of the speaker in the DualShock controller tells you there has been some care in developing this for PlayStation 4. Is Dynamite Fishing – World Games fun? It has its moments and if there’s someone sat next to you you’re in luck as multiplayer mode is its saving grace.


Dynamite Fishing – World Games is a quirky budget game for the younger PS4 gamer that brings some fresh action into the fishing genre. Hopefully Handy Games will set sail and release on PS Vita. A small catch with a small price tag.

Lizard rating 5/10