Drawn to Death is an Third Person Arena Shooter. The game takes place within the notebook of a high school student where you take control of his twisted creations and battle it out using powerful weapons, and unique character-based specials.

Psnprofiles show off the Trophy list, there’s no Platinum, but there are some wacky and wonderful Trophy names listed.

I hate my stupid stepdad” and in particular, “Oh crap, did I brush my teeth today?” are our favourites. Followed closely by,  “Nope — there’s just a poster of Abraham Lincoln behind me. She could be smiling at the poster, I guess? That’d be so weird.” And, “Actually, that would make me like her more. And to be clear, what I mean is, if she IS a little weird, I’d like that.” The winner and a Gold Trophy has to go to,” I wasn’t saying I’d like her more if she wanted to get with Abe Lincoln. That’d be super gross cuz he’s dead. And very tall.

We can imagine the developers had a riot making that lot up!

Check out the crazy art style of Drawn to Death below.


The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency is a full service ghost hunting, ghost removal, and spectral analysis agency located in the historic (and quite haunted) Gaslamp district of San Diego, California. They also make video games. Drawn to Death is heading to PS4 and PS Plus.

Via: psnprofiles